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Email In-depth W/ Outlook Express 5/6 Tutorial

Need to know more about email? Try Virtual Training Company's tutorial Email In-Depth with Outlook Express. Nan Price will show you all you need to know to set up your own personal mailroom. Not only will she guide you through sending and receiving mail, but she will also help you learn how to include pictures, documents, and videos, and even how to send a fax through email. Learn how to set up multiple identities, create individual folders, and how to personalize your emails by using stationary. This tutorial is especially great for those new to computers or email. To get started, click on one of the topics below.


Welcome to Cyberspace
What Is E-Mail
Unique E-Mail Address

Lets Start E-Mailing

Prepare & Sending E-Mail
Send a BCC
Downloading E-Mail
Reading New E-Mail
Reply to E-Mail

The Address Book

Adding an Address
Group Name Addresses

Tidy Your Inbox

Set up Folders/Move & Delete Messages


Receiving Attachments
Sending Attachments

Prepare Attachments

How to Prepare Attachments
Insert Pictures
Why is a Scanner Useful

No Scanner? Try This

Uploading Photo to Hard Drive
How to use a Photo CD
Putting a Document on a Hard Drive
Set up Fax Software
Receiving a Fax on your Computer

Compress a File

Zip a File of E-Mail

Message Rules

Setting up Filters
Filtering Specific Words
Auto Reply to All Messages
Automated Reply to Specific Few
Block Specific Senders


Setting Separate Identities
Switching Identities
How Do Identities Work
Identities Details


Setting up a Signature
Additional Signatures


What a Virus Does
Protect your Computer

Look Inside a POP3 Mailbox

Scan Pop3 Mailbox Software
Web Mail
Mail Reader

Reading E-Mail When Youre Away

Signup with Hotmail
What Hotmail Offers
Internet Cafes
Global Roaming

Glamorous email

HTML Formatting

Multiple Internet Service Provider

Use More than One ISP
Signup with a New ISP
Completing the Signup

Configure a New ISP Account

Configuring the Dial-up Connection
Setting up an Outlook Express Account
Using Multiple Accounts in Outlook Express

Dial up a Connection

Single Dial-up Connection
Connecting Automatically

Internet Mail

How to Use Internet Mail

Drop Down Menu Bar

File and Edit Menu
View Menu (1)
View Menu (2)
Tools Menu
Message Menu
Changes in Outlook Express 6

Essential Things to Know

Draft Folder & Moving Blocks of Text
Spell Checker
New Message Window Toolbar

Useful Things to Know

Mail Notification
Mail Receipt
Bounced Messages
Accents & Fractions

Handy Things to Know

Voice Mail
Tab Button

Compressing and Decompressing Files

Downloading Winzip Software
Installing and Running Winzip

Keeping it Confidential


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