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Emagic Logic Audio 6 Tutorial

Emagic Logic Audio 6 is the best solution for professional musicians working on the Macintosh platform. Today’s musicians and producers need integrated tools for their music composition, notation and production needs…Logic delivers! This high-end audio production tool offers an easy to understand interface, total reliability, all at an affordable price. Virtual Training Company author / music producer George Leger III will show you how to get the most out of this audio application. This tutorial covers many topics including installation and setup, recording audio, MIDI, virtual instruments, 3rd party plug-ins as well as applications that increase the power of the Emagic sequencing platform. George Leger III will guide beginner and intermediate level users step by step through the intricacies of this robust program. To get started, simply click on one of the movie topics below.

What's New in Logic Audio 6

What is Logic Audio?
What's New? pt. 1
What's New? pt. 2
Who is this Class For?

Getting Started

Installing Software
Installing XSKey and Authorizing Logic
Core Audio and Core MIDI
Configuration Manager
Preferences pt. 1
Preferences pt. 2
Song Settings pt. 1
Song Settings pt. 2
Key Commands
Built in Effects Overview

Workspaces And Editors

Arrange Window
Event List Editor
Score Editor
Audio Window
Matrix Editor pt. 1
Matrix Editor pt. 2
Environment Window
Project Manager
Link Function

Creating Your Autoload File

Creating Your Autoload pt. 1
Creating Your Autoload pt. 2

Recording In The Trrange Window

Creating Song File Structure and Setup
Recording MIDI/Virtual Instrument Tracks
Recording Audio Data
Recording Automation
Instrument Parameters Box
Sequence Parameters Box
Loop Recording and Auto Punch
A Few More Tips

About MIDI

What is MIDI?
Different Windows
Hyper Editor
Tempo Edit

About Audio

Audio Windows and Areas
Audio Window
Audio in the Arrange Window
Sample Editor
Audio Preferences and Hardware Settings
Audio Configuration

About Virtual instruments

What is a Virtual Instrument?
Built In Synths ESM, ESP and ESE
Built In Synths ES1, ES2
Built In Synths EVP 88, EVB3, EVD 6


Preferences pt. 1
Preferences pt. 2
Converting Sounds
Fun With Vocals pt. 1
Fun With Vocals pt. 2
Rex Files pt. 1
Rex Files pt. 2

Audio Object Breakdown

Audio Object pt. 1
Audio Object pt. 2
Audio Object pt. 3
Audio Object pt. 4
Adaptive Track Mixer

Automation Overview

Automation Introduction
Track Based Automation
Object Based Automation

Project Manager

Project Manager pt. 1
Project Manager pt. 2
Project Manager pt. 3

Recording Using External Synths

Recording MIDI Data
Editing MIDI Data
Recording into Logic as Audio

Recording using virtual instruments

Recording Virtual Instruments pt. 1
Recording Virtual Instruments pt. 2

Recording Audio From A Live Source

Live Recording pt. 1
Live Recording pt. 2

The Final Mix

The Final Mix pt. 1
The Final Mix pt. 2
The Final Mix pt. 3
The Final Mix pt. 4
The Final Mix pt. 5

Virtual Instruments and 3rd Party Instruments

Audio Units and OS X
LinPlug Native Instruments
LinPlug OS X
Phatmatic Zoyd V Station
VST to AU Converter FXpantion

3rd Party Effects and VSTi's

Audio Ease
D Sound
The Sound Guy, Inc.
Elemental Audio
Nomad Factory
TC Works Native Bundle
Universal Audio
Wave Arts
Free AU Plugins

3rd Party Software

Bias Peak
Arturia Storm
Roxio Toast and Jam
NTI Dragon Burn
TC Works Spark


About the Author

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