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Electric Image Animation System 7 Tutorial

Want to learn one of the fastest 3D programs on the planet? Then come and explore the robust and speedy Electric Image Animation System v7 with author, Scott Simmons. You’ll not only learn how to texture and animate your 3D scenes, but you'll also learn the powerful, professional techniques used in today’s feature films. These tutorials are easy to understand and are taught in a logical fashion that takes the complexity out of learning 3D. The included project files will help get you started animating your own scenes like a pro. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Intro to EI
Basic 3D Principles
World Views pt. 1
World Views pt. 2
Palettes & Menus
Camera Application

Working with Models

Importing Models
3D Text
Model Info Window pt. 1
Model Info Window pt. 2
Model Link & Axis Editors

Setting Up a Scene

Camera Object pt. 1
Camera Object pt. 2
Translation/Rotation/Scale Tools
Hierarchies & the Project Window pt. 1
Hierarchies & the Project Window pt. 2
Labels & View/Sort Modes


Basic Three-Point Lighting pt. 1
Basic Three-Point Lighting pt. 2
Radial/Parallel/Ambient/Tube Lights
Projection Gels
Shadows pt. 1
Shadows pt. 2
Illumination List


Maps Sources: Images or Shaders
Importing Texture Images pt. 1
Importing Texture Images pt. 2
Applying Textures: Map Types pt. 1
Applying Textures: Map Types pt. 2
Applying Textures By Hand
Stacking Textures
Diffuse Channel
Geometric Channel pt. 1
Geometric Channel pt. 2
Specular & Ambient Channels
Luminance Channel
Reflectivity Channel pt. 1
Reflectivity Channel pt. 2
Transparency Channel pt. 1
Transparency Channel pt. 2
Transmission Channel pt. 1
Transmission Channel pt. 2


Shaders Basics
Bumpy Noise & Eroded Shaders
Thin Film Shader
Anisotropic Shader
Scratches Shader
Noise Factory Shader
Reactive Shaders
Shaders Palettes

Material Libraries

Master Materials
Saving & Loading Materials
Material Palette & Collect Files

World Info & Rotoscoping

Fog/Ambient/Background pt. 1
Fog/Ambient/Background pt. 2
Backdrop/Global Reflection/Raytrace/Glow
Rotoscoping & Matchmoving pt. 1
Rotoscoping & Matchmoving pt. 2

Rendering Basics

Render Settings: Render & Resolution
Render Settings: Anti-Alias
Render Settings: Motion Blur
Render Settings: Timing
Render Settings: Network & Layers
Render Settings: Go Camera


Intro to Keyframes pt. 1
Intro to Keyframes pt. 2
Motion Path Editing pt. 1
Motion Path Editing pt. 2
Intro to the Function Curve Editor pt. 1
Intro to the Function Curve Editor pt. 2
Intro to the Function Curve Editor pt. 3
Different Time Views pt. 1
Different Time Views pt. 2
Constraints pt. 1
Constraints pt. 2


Mr. Nitro pt. 1
Mr. Nitro pt. 2
Pixel Grains

Deformation Basics

Applying a Deformer pt. 1
Applying a Deformer pt. 2
Animating a Deformation Region
Multiple Deformations

Advanced Rendering Options

Depth of Field pt. 1
Depth of Field pt. 2
Photoshop Layers
Network Rendering pt. 1
Network Rendering pt. 2


Working with QuickTime
Planning & Changes


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