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Drupal 7 Tutorial

Drupal is an easy-to-use open source content management framework that allows you to build a website rapidly. Drupal is flexible and extensible and provides a large variety of core and contributed modules that add rich and dynamic functionality to your website. This includes the ability to add all types of content including blogs, interactive books, wiki-style pages, forums, comments, images, attached files (including documents and PDFs), slideshow galleries, polls, and surveys. This VTC course by Drupal expert, Trevor James, starts from a beginner level and uses practical examples to build a Drupal powered website. The course is for anyone interested in learning about open source software. You don't have to know any code or have any experience with HTML or website development. Some intermediate and advanced topics will be covered, including using the Views module and writing your own custom modules and themes. To get started now, simply click on the movie links.


What Drupal Is
Drupal Community Site
How to Use the Drupal Site
Drupal Groups Site

Requirements and Tools for the Course

Example Drupal Web Sites
HTML & CSS Editors
Course Website

Installing MAMP

PHP / MySQL / Apache

Installing Drupal

Installing Drupal 7 pt. 1
Installing Drupal 7 pt. 2
Acquia Stack Drupal 7 Installer
Shared Server pt. 1
Shared Server pt. 2

Adding Content

Articles and Basic Pages
Adding Articles
Adding Pages
Input Formats
Uploading Images
Multiple Images
Revisions of Content
Path Settings
Managing Content
Adding Content to Menus

Drupal Configuration

User Settings pt. 1
User Settings pt. 2
User Profiles
File System pt. 1
File System pt. 2
Image Styles pt. 1
Image Styles pt. 2
Image Styles pt. 3
Search Settings
URL Aliases
Region Settings
Site Information
Error Logs pt. 1
Error Logs pt. 2
RSS Publishing

Blocks & Menus

What Are Blocks
Enabling Core Blocks
Configuring Blocks
Custom Blocks
Positioning Blocks
Drupal 7 Menus
Custom Menus
Drop-Down Menus pt. 1
Drop-Down Menus pt. 2

Adding Content Types

Content Types
Adding a Custom Type
Adding Custom Fields pt. 1
Adding Custom Fields pt. 2
Managing Custom Fields
Using Your Custom Type pt. 1
Using Your Custom Type pt. 2


Intro to Tagging
Adding Vocabs & Tags
Vocabs & Content Types
Adding Tags to Content pt. 1
Adding Tags to Content pt. 2
Using Tags

Drupal Themes & Appearance

Drupal 7 Themes
Enabling Themes pt. 1
Enabling Themes pt. 2
Configuring Themes pt. 1
Configuring Themes pt. 2
Configuring Themes pt. 3
Core Themes pt. 1
Core Themes pt. 2
Core Themes pt. 3
Core Themes pt. 4
Adding Regions pt. 1
Adding Regions pt. 2
Drupal Theming Resources

Contributed Drupal Themes

Finding Drupal 7 Themes
Installing Themes
Enabling Contrib Themes
The Zen Theme
Creating a Sub Theme pt. 1
Creating a Sub Theme pt. 2
960 Grid Theme

Intermediate Theming

Theme Template Files
Manipulating CSS & HTML
Best Practices

Core Drupal Modules

Aggregator Module pt. 1
Aggregator Module pt. 2
Blog Module pt. 1
Blog Module pt. 2
Book Module
Contact Module pt. 1
Contact Module pt. 2
Poll Module
Comments Module
Forum Module pt. 1
Forum Module pt. 2
Forum Module pt. 3
Statistics Module
Update Status

Contributed Modules

Locate Contributed Modules
Install Contributed Modules
Pathauto Module
WYSIWYG Module pt. 1
WYSIWYG Module pt. 2
IMCE Module pt. 1
IMCE Module pt. 2
Webform Module pt. 1
Webform Module pt. 2
Webform Module pt. 3

Custom Drupal Modules

Why Write a Custom Module
Writing a Module pt. 1
Writing a Module pt. 2
Writing a Module pt. 3


Drupal Settings File
PHP Settings File
Upgrading Modules
Patching Modules pt. 1
Patching Modules pt. 2

User Management

Creating User Roles
Adding Users
User Permissions


Views pt. 1
Views pt. 2
Views pt. 3
Views pt. 4
Views pt. 5
Views pt. 6
Views Contextual Filters
Views Relationships
Views Slideshows pt. 1
Views Slideshows pt. 2

Panels & Context Modules

Panels & Context Modules
Panels pt. 1
Panels pt. 2
Panels pt. 3
Panels pt. 4
Context pt. 1
Context pt. 2
Context pt. 3
Context pt. 4

Drupal / jQuery / AJAX

Using jQuery pt. 1
Using jQuery pt. 2
QuickTabs Navigation pt. 1
QuickTabs Navigation pt. 2
Drupal and AJAX

Drupal Web Service Integration

Flickr pt. 1
Flickr pt. 2


Wrap Up


Author Bio

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