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Discreet 3ds max 5 Tutorial

Discreet 3ds max 5 is an extremely powerful, rich and versatile 3d modeling and animation program. In this tutorial, users will learn the fundamentals of 3ds max 5, including: modeling, animation, lighting, camera work and more. The purpose of this tutorial is to show users the basic functions of 3ds max 5 and how to apply them to 3d modeling and animation projects. By mastering the fundamental concepts and getting comfortable moving around in the program, users will be able to work more efficiently and with less trial and error, freeing them up to become more creative. This course will help users gain a solid foundation for mastering advanced concepts. To get started simply click one of the topics below.


About This Tutorial
What's New in 3ds max 5 pt. 1
What's New in 3ds max 5 pt. 2

Getting Started

System Requirements
Setting Screen Depth
Setting Up Your Workspace
Playing Safe

Working with 3D Objects

Viewing and Hiding pt. 1
Viewing and Hiding pt. 2
Viewing and Hiding pt. 3
Selecting and Naming pt. 1
Selecting and Naming pt. 2
Selecting and Naming pt. 3
Selecting and Naming pt. 4
Applying Modifiers pt. 1
Applying Modifiers pt. 2
Applying Modifiers pt. 3
Working with Modifiers/Parameters pt. 1
Working with Modifiers/Parameters pt. 2
Working with Modifiers/Parameters pt. 3
Applying Transforms Interactively pt. 1
Applying Transforms Interactively pt. 2
Applying Transforms Numerically pt. 1
Applying Transforms Numerically pt. 2
Transforms vs. Modifiers
Cloning pt. 1
Cloning pt. 2

Using 2D Shapes to Make 3D Objects

2D Shapes pt. 1
2D Shapes pt. 2
Rendering and Interpolation
NURBS Curves
Creating Lofts
Modifying Lofts
Using Deformation Curves

Working with Precision

Units and Grids
Using Snaps
Using Keyboard Entry
Using Helper Objects
Using the Align Tool
Controlling with Normals

Surface Modeling

Introduction to Mesh and Poly
Introduction to Patch and Nurbs
Editable Mesh pt. 1
Editable Mesh pt. 2
Editable Poly
Editable Patch pt. 1
Editable Patch pt. 2
NURBS (surfaces)(converting to NURBS)
NURBS (curve-based)


Rendering Basics
Rendering Parameters

Painting Your World with Materials and Maps

Introduction to Materials and Maps
Applying Materials/Hierarchical Materials
Applying Materials Directly to Sub-Objects
Introduction to the Maps Rollout
Applying Materials to Sub-Objects
Saving/Retrieving Materials
Creating Mapped Materials
Maps on Sub-Objects/Coordinates Rollout
Coordinates Rollout/Angle/Blur
The Ink'N'Paint Material

Animation - Introduction

Animation: Auto Key
Animation: Set Key

Basic Cameras and Lights

Standard Cameras
Camera Controls
Standard Lights: Target/Free Lights
Target/Free Light Controls
Omni and Skylight
Aligning Cameras/Lights
Advanced Lighting: Daylight/Radiosity pt. 1
Advanced Lighting: Daylight/Radiosity pt. 2

Atmospheric Effects

Fire Effect
Volume Fog
Volume Light


Linking and Hierarchies
Pivot Points
Schematic View
Viewing an Animation
Previewing Animation
Inverse Kinematics: Basics
Inverse Kinematics: Motion/Hierarchy Panels
Bones and Skin: Creating/Adding Bones
Bones and Skin: Adjusting Envelopes
Bones and Skin: Testing/Fine Adjustments

Animation - Motion Controllers

Motion Controllers: Introduction
Trajectories/Linear Position/Path Controller
Track View: Curve Editor pt. 1
Track View: Curve Editor pt. 2
Track View: Dope Sheet

Special Effects

Particle Systems: Basics and Presets
SuperSpray Particle System pt. 1
SuperSpray Particle System pt. 2
Space Warps: Overview/Creating
Space Warps: Binding Objects
Dynamics: Bouncing a Sphere
PDeflector: Bouncing Particles
Reactor pt. 1
Reactor pt. 2
Reactor pt. 3
Creating a Morph Compund Object
Working with a Morph Compound Object
Morphing: the Morpher Modifier
Video Post

Plug-Ins and Complementary Software

Character Studio: Creating and Posing
Character Studio: Animation
Discreet Certified Plug-Ins
Other 3rd Party Plug-Ins
Poser and 3ds max: Creating Morph Targets
Poser and 3ds max: Importing into 3ds max
Poser and 3ds max: Poser Materials pt. 1
Poser and 3ds max: Poser Materials pt. 2
Poser and 3ds max: Morphing in max
Rhino NURBS : Introduction
Rhino NURBS: Creating in Rhino
Rhino NURBS: Importing into max


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