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Digital Performer 2.7 Tutorial

Digital Performer is an integrated audio and MIDI sequencing production system. Join Phil Slade as he guides you through Performer 2.7. He begins by helping you set up, taking you through the windows, and teaching the basic commands. He then moves on to the good stuff- recording and editing audio. Start learning today! To get started, simply click one of the topics below.

Getting Started

System Stuff
What is the Difference Between Midi & Audio?
Digital Performer & FreeMIDI - The Relationship
Starting FreeMIDI
Opening Digital Performer
A Quick Run Around the Program
Definitions of Terms Used
Basic Recording of a Single Midi Track
Using OMS Compatibility Mode

Set-ups & Midi (FreeMIDI)

MIDI Hardware Set-ups
Audio Hardware & Integrated Studio Set-ups
FreeMIDI Configuration
Editing FreeMIDI Configurations & Devices
Creating A New FreeMidi Application
Other FreeMIDI Menu Options A
Other FreeMIDI Menu Options B
The Patchlist Manager
Using Patchlist Manager/Creating Patchlists
Editing Old Patchlists

Windows & Basic Commands

The Mini Menus
Other User Interface Things
The Control Panel A
The Control Panel B
The Control Panel C
Keyboard Commands
The Tracks Window A (Left Window Divider)
The Tracks Window B (Right Window Divider)
Manipulating Tracks
Track Editing/Creating Multiple Sequences
Event Chasing
Auto Scrolling
Realtime Recording
Punch-In/Punch-Out Recording & Cycle Modes
Multi Record Mode
Step Recording A
Step Recording B
Mixing Menu & Window Basics
Track Strips
Mixing Automation
Grouping Tracks
The Mixing Effects Window A
The Mixing Effects Window B
Creating & Working With Multiple Mixes

Editing Windows

The Event List
Editing in an Event List
Graphic Editing (Notation)
Graphic Editing (Mini Menu)
Insert & Re-Insert Buttons / Editing Data
Graphic Editing Window Pitch Ruler
Graphic Editing Window Median Strip
QuickScribe Notation Editing
QuickScribe Notation Options
More QuickScribe Editing
Edit Commands
The Drum Editor Window
Editing in the Drum Editor Window

Standard Edits

Groove Quantize
Change Velocity & Duration
Split Notes
MIDI Effects Plug-Ins
Continuous Data

Advanced Windows & Commands

Patch Thru
Song Window
Song Window as DJ
Changing Key/Meter & Tempo in Conductor Track
Search Settings
The Click
The Counter Window
The Movie Window
The Midi Monitor
Window Sets

Advanced Program Applications

Receive Sync
Synchronisation Issues
Record Beats
Midi Machine Control (MMC)
Using & Recording System Exclusive
Interface Setting /Edit FreeMidi Config/Panic
Setting Up & Using Custom Control Consoles
Automating Control Panels

Recording Audio (Practical Application)

Audio Systems
Setting Up & the Audio System
Audio Tracks
The Audio Monitor
Preparing the Track to Record Audio
Recording Audio

Editing Audio

The Soundbites Window
Using the Soundbites Window
Working with Soundbites
The Audio Event List
Audio Graphic Editing Basics
Audio Graphic Editing Mini Menu
Audio Graphic Editor (Automated Changes)
Soundbites in Audio Graphic Editor
Adjusting Audio File & Sequence Tempos
Editing Audio in the Tracks Window
Importing Samples
Mixing Digital Audio
Using the Mixer
Fades & Cross Fades
Bounce To Disk


Adding New Effects / Using Plug-Ins
Chorus/Auto Pan/DC Notch/Delay
Multimode Filter/Compressor/Limiter
Para EQ/Phaser/Pre-Amp/Reverb
Ring Modulator/Tremolo/Trim/Rocket Science


Conclusion/Getting Assistance

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