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Digidesign Pro Tools LE 7 Tutorial

Pro Tools is the world’s leading audio recording application. It is the focal point of multi-million dollar facilities as well as lap top workstations. author Ben Harris provides an in-depth look into the new and advanced features of Pro Tools 7; including new and exciting MIDI features, mixing techniques, and using and manipulating rex loops. Each feature is provided with real world examples and practical applications to show the student when, why, and how you would use each tool or technique. This tutorial will give any novice Pro Tools user the tools and knowledge necessary to become an expert in the world’s leading digital audio application. To begin learning Digidesign Pro Tools LE 7 today, simply click on one of movie links.


Introduction to Pro Tools 7
Training Approach
Session and File Organization

Pro Tools Layout

Menus 1
Menus 2
Zoom Functions
Tools 1
Tools 2
Tracks Show/Hide View
Edit Groups View
Regions List


Edit Window
Mix Window
Transport Window 1
Transport Window 2
Workspace Window
Project Window
Session Window
Additional Windows 1
Additional Windows 2

Customize Your View

Edit Views
Mix Views
Ruler Views
Region Views
Timeline and Transport
Regions List Advanced Features 1
Regions List Advanced Features 2
Track and Group Views and View Menu Features

Importing Saving and Creating

Creating a New Session
Creating a New Track
Creating a Template Session
Importing Audio
Importing Region Groups
Importing MIDI
Importing Movies
Importing Session Data
Saving Options
Save As and Save Copy In
Creating a New I/O Setup 1
Creating a New I/O Setup 2

Setups and System Optimization

Hardware Setup
Playback Engine
Disk Allocation
Peripherals and I/O Setup
Managing Voices
Pro Tools Optimization 1
Pro Tools Optimization 2
Operating System Optimization

Basic MIDI Features

MIDI Setup
Instrument and MIDI Tracks
MIDI Recording
MIDI Editing Tools
MIDI Track Views
MIDI Editing 1
MIDI Editing 2
Relative Timescales

Event Changes

Time Operations
Setting Up a Click Track
Changing the Tempo
Tempo Track
Advanced Tempo Features 1
Advanced Tempo Features 2

Advanced MIDI Features

MIDI Real-Time Properties
MIDI Event List and Track Offsets
MIDI Input Recording Options
MIDI Step Input
MIDI Loop Recording 1
MIDI Loop Recording 2
Quantizing 1
Quantizing 2
MIDI Operations 1
MIDI Operations 2

Host-Based Instruments

Xpand! 1
Xpand! 2
Xpand! 3
3rd Party Instruments 1
3rd Party Instruments 2

Audio Recording

Recording an Audio Track
Monitoring Latency
Loop Recording Audio
Editing Loop Recording
Pre/Post Roll and Count-off

Audio Editing

Audio Editing 1
Audio Editing 2
Fading with the Smart Tool
Fade Settings
Consolidating Regions
Edit Groups
Nudging Regions
Using the Tab Key
Advanced Memory Locations
Sync Points

Region Groups

Region Groups 1
Region Groups 2
Region Groups 3
Region Groups 4
Working with Rex Loops


Audio Signal Flow
Inserts and Sends
Aux Inputs and Master Faders
Setting Up and Leveling a Mix
Using Mix Groups
Equalization Plug-ins
Compression Plug-ins
Delay Plug-ins (Stereo)
Reverb Plug-ins (Stereo)
Time-based Effects Plug-ins
Plug-in Automation
Mixing Automation
Sub-Mixing and Printing Effects 1
Sub-Mixing and Printing Effects 2
Audio Suite
Using Outboard Equipment
Latency During Mixing
System Optimization in Mixing
Bouncing to Disc
Mastering in Pro Tools 1
Mastering in Pro Tools 2

Beat Detective

Identify Beat
Groove Template Extraction
Region Separation
Region Conform
Edit Smoothing

Preferences/Key Commands

Preferences 1
Preferences 2
Command Focus Mode

Pro Tools 7.3 Features

Increased Workflow
Dynamic Transport and Looping
Views and Organization
Groups and Browser Features
Plug-ins and Preferences


Wrap Up
About the Author

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