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Cubase 4 Tutorial

Cubase 4 is a powerful digital audio workstation that affords its users the ability to record and edit audio and MIDI. Redesigned from the ground up, this version (4.1) includes many new features that will speed workflow and boost creativity. This VTC tutorial takes an in-depth look at many of the new features, while still teaching common practices for getting the most out of Cubase. From installation and basic set up to proper mixing and troubleshooting, this course has it all. Join Audio Engineer Adam Olson, as he demystifies this powerful application. To begin learning Cubase 4, click on one of the movie links.


Introduction to Cubase
Cubase Studio and Cubase 4
New to Cubase 4
New to Cubase 4.1 pt. 1
New to Cubase 4.1 pt. 2
Not Included
MP3 Work Files

Basics of Digital Audio

Bit Depth and Sample Rate
Buffer Size and Latency
Interface and Other Hardware
Speakers and Setup

Getting Started Section 1

Choosing Your Driver
VST Connections
MIDI Setup
I/O Naming
Project Setup pt. 1
Project Setup pt. 2
Project Setup pt. 3
Hardware Settings
Hardware Mixer pt. 1
Hardware Mixer pt. 2

Getting Started Section 2

Preferences pt. 1
Preferences pt. 2
Preferences pt. 3
Preferences pt. 4
Preferences pt. 5
Preferences pt. 6
Key Commands
Saving Templates
Control Surfaces pt. 1
Control Surfaces pt. 2

Track Types

Track Overview
Audio Track
FX Channel Track
Folder Track
Group Channel Track
Instrument Track
MIDI Track
Marker Track
Play Order Track
Ruler Track
Video Track
Transpose Track

Getting Around

Track Controls Settings
Toggle Track List
Tool Pallet
Time Display
Function Keys/Tool Modifiers


Mixer Views
Mixer Routing View
Commons Panel
Mixer Sections
Pan Law
Copy Settings
Can Hide Channels

Working With Audio

Importing Audio
Audio Pool pt. 1
Audio Pool pt. 2
Record Folder
Convert and Conform
Remove Unused Media
MediaBay pt. 1
MediaBay pt. 2
MediaBay pt. 3
Managing Tags
Loop & Soundframe
Rex Files

Recording Audio (Tracking)

Control Room Mixer pt. 1
Control Room Mixer pt. 2
Control Room Mixer pt. 3
Setting Up Click
Tempo Track pt. 1
Tempo Track pt. 2
Setting Up Sends
Direct Monitoring
Mix Knob
Record Shift
Punching In
Pre-Roll and Post-Roll pt. 1
Pre-Roll and Post-Roll pt. 2
Cycle Recording pt. 1
Cycle Recording pt. 2
Composite Recording

Mixing Part I

Snap Modes pt. 1
Snap Modes pt. 2
Automation pt. 1
Automation pt. 2
Automation Lanes
Automation Thinning
Link Channels
Offline Processing
Real Time Processing
Fades and Gain Handles
Fade Settings
Real Time Fades
Meter Settings pt. 1
Meter Settings pt. 2
Track Quick Controls pt. 1
Track Quick Controls pt. 2

Mixing Part II

Latency & Nudge
Using External Hardware pt. 1
Using External Hardware pt. 2
External Instruments pt. 1
External Instruments pt. 2
External Instruments pt. 3
External Instruments pt. 4
Other Settings
Track Presets
Storing Track Presets
FX Sends
Group Channels
Side Chain Input


Cutting Regions
Events to Part
Musical vs. Liner
Undo History
Sample Editor pt. 1
Sample Editor pt. 2
Snap To Zero Crossing
Sample Editor vs. Part Editor
Locking Regions
Range Edit
Global Copy
Sample Editor Inspector
Project Logical Editor

Working With MIDI

MIDI Basics
Track Parameters pt. 1
Track Parameters pt. 2
Soft Synths
Quantize pt. 1
Quantize pt. 2
Key Editor
Step Input
In-Place Editor
Drum Editor
Drum Map
List Editor
MIDI Paramiters & Plug-ins
Part Borders
GM Import

MIDI Record Modes

Cycle pt. 1
Cycle pt. 2
Linear + Cycle
Retrospective Record

Advanced Techniques Section 1

Mapping Tempo After Recording
Beat Calculator
Musical Mode
Audio Tempo Definition Tool
Time Warp
Audio Warp pt. 1
Audio Warp pt. 2
Hit points pt.1
Hit points pt.2
Stretch to Project Tempo

Advanced Techniques Section 2

Timecode and Frame Rates
MIDI Time Code (Master)
MTC Slave
SMPTE Generator
MIDI Machine Control
MIDI Clock
IAC (Mac Only) pt. 1
IAC (Mac Only) pt. 2
Network Recording
MIDI Over Network (Mac)
All Together Now pt. 1
All Together Now pt. 2


Aggregate Device (Mac)
Third Party
Video Settings


No Sound (Win)
No Sound (Mac)
No MIDI (Win)
No MIDI (Mac)
Plug-In Information
Locating Files
Freezing Tracks
Bouncing Beware (Microsoft MIDI)
Driver Names
Monitor & Outputs
Does Not Play Right Away


Bounce Settings pt. 1
Bounce Settings pt. 2
Bounce Settings pt. 3
Burning A CD
Batch Process
Transfer To Other DAW pt.1
Transfer To Other DAW pt.2
Transfer To Other DAW pt.3
Preparing For Archive


Final Thoughts
About the Author

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