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Creating Modern Comics Tutorial

Comics are as popular as ever in all areas of pop culture. You will find aspects of them in music, movies, TV, print, and even on clothing. Jason Maranto's Creating Modern Comics course will show you in-depth techniques using modern tools that will enable you to create any aspect of comicbook art in the most common styles. Focused largely on the powerful natural media emulator Corel Painter 11 and loaded with course files to enhance your productivity, this comprehensive course will jump start your growth in this exciting and creative medium. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Establishing the Groundwork

Course Introduction
Hardware Considerations pt. 1
Hardware Considerations pt. 2
Raster & Vector Artwork
Bézier Curves pt. 1
Bézier Curves pt. 2
Channels & Layers
Painter Selections pt. 1
Painter Selections pt. 2

Before You Start Drawing

Writing Styles
Reading Through
Planning Ahead
Character Design pt. 1
Character Design pt. 2
Character Design pt. 3
Thinking about Props
Establishing Settings


Tools & Scripting
What is a Thumbnail?
Panel/Page Composition
What to Look for
Now is the Time
Cover Design Composition
Cover Design Variations
More about Penciling Tools


Breakdowns Setup
Editing Scripts
Sketchup Backgrounds
Background Output
Breakdowns Review


Final Penciling
Stroke Selection Technique
Using Layers
Shaded Penciling
Pencil & Smudge Time-lapse (NO AUDIO)


Why Inking?
Brush Inking
Crow-quill Inking
Liquid Inks Basics
Textural Brushes
Inking Basics
Figure Inks
Compositing Background

Coloring: Setup

About Color Settings
Division of Labor
File Setup
Flatting Tools
Flatting Technique

Coloring: Rendering Techniques

The Need for Speed
Airbrush Technique
Cut & Grad Technique
Smudged Edge Technique pt. 1
Smudged Edge Technique pt. 2
Scumbler Painting
Artists Oil Painting
Pastel Painting
Value Colorize Technique

Coloring: Application

Color Holds
Line Integration
Color Conversion/Trapping
Showing on the Web

Lettering: Basics

Software & Fonts
Choosing a Font
Mixing Characters
Modifying Characters
Sound Effects
Caption Lettering
Balloon Lettering
Typography Options

Lettering: Application

Setting Up the Base File
Working with Script
Design & Flow
Lettering in Painter pt. 1
Lettering in Painter pt. 2

Cover Breakdown Process

Cover Logo & Copy
3D Sculpting
Perspective Variations
Rendered Breakdown


Wrap Up


About the Author

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