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Corel Painter 8 Tutorial

Corel Painter 8 is a natural media emulation tool. It allows users to create digital images and artwork that appear to be created with traditional sketch and painting tools. Painter 8 has over 400 brushes and 30 mediums to work with. The user can also create their own brushes. Experiment with life-like media such as Digital Water Color or create sketches from photographs. It's no wonder Painter is considered to be "the ultimate digital sketching tool". Join Painter Professional - Rhoda Grossman as she teaches every aspect, feature and palette of this award winning program. To begin learning today, click on a movie topic below.


What is Painter?
New in Version 8?
Interface Basics
Document Basics


Tools Palette pt. 1
Tools Palette pt. 2
Property Bar
Brush Selector Bar
Tracker Palette
Color Palettes pt. 1
Color Palettes pt. 2
Color Palettes pt. 3
Other Palettes
Libraries & Movers
Menu Commands

Brush Basics

What Brushes Do
Property Bar Controls
Simple Dab & Stroke Types
Method & Subcategory pt. 1
Method & Subcategory pt. 2
Spacing/Angle & Expression
Bristle & Rake Controls
Well Controls & Jitter

Complex Brushes

Airbrushes pt. 1
Airbrushes pt. 2
Water Color Layer pt. 1
Water Color Layer pt. 2
Water Color Layer pt. 3
Liquid Ink Layer
F-X Brushes

Managing Brushes

Brush Creator: Randomizer
Brush Creator: Transposer
Custom Variants
Captured Dabs
Brush Libraries
Brush Looks
Recording Strokes

Image Hose

Image Hose Controls
Nozzle Libraries pt. 1
Nozzle Libraries pt. 2
Make Nozzle from Layers
Make Nozzle from Movie

Paper Textures

Paper Basics
Grain Adjustments
Make & Capture Paper


Gradient Styles & Fills
Gradient Brushes
Edit & Create Gradients

Patterns & Weaves

Palettes & Libraries
Pattern Brushes
Pattern as Clone Source
Create Seamless Pattern pt. 1
Create Seamless Pattern pt. 2
Make Fractal Pattern
Working with Weaves


Cloning Basics
Cloner Brushes
Clone Color Option
Change Clone Source
Offset & Multi-Point Cloning
Perspective Tiling & Patterns


Tonal Controls pt. 1
Tonal Controls pt. 2
Lighting & Surface Texture
Apply Screen & Express Texture
Overlay & Dye Concentration
Sketch & Distress
Warp & Focus Effects

Effects: Esoterica

Tile & Grid
Apply Marbling
Growth Patterns & Maze
Place Elements
Pop Art & Auto Clone

Selection Techniques

Creating Selections
Combining Selections
Select Menu
Selection Portfolio

Layer Basics

Layer Types
Managing Layers
Layer Menu Options
Image Portfolio
Composite Methods
Drop Shadow & Align
Photoshop Compatibility

Masks & Channels

Layer Mask Basics
Alpha Channels

Dynamic Layers

Burn & Tear
Bevel World
Color Adjustment
Dynamic Distortion
Liquid Metal


Creating Shapes
Editing Shapes
Transform & Blend
Illustrator Compatibility


Creating Text
Applying Effects
Text as Shapes


Record & Playback
Editing Script Entries
Session & Effects Scripts

Animation & Video

Making a Frame Stack
Editing Frames
Apply Strokes & Scripts
Rotoscope Technique
Saving Movies


Image Size & Canvas Size
Kodak Color Management
File Formats
Keyboard Shortcuts


Text Effects

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