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Corel Paint Shop Pro X Essentials Tutorial

Corel® Paint Shop Pro X is an affordable yet powerful graphics program. With its built-in Learning Center that lets users choose automatic photo fixes or precision editing controls for fine-tuning, both novice and professional can take charge of this application. author Robert Correll, teaches users the essentials of the application, starting with installation and set up to photo restoration and retouching. Users will learn other skills as well, such as drawing, painting, creating collages and Web graphics. Sample images are included. To begin learning Paint Shop Pro X today, simply click on one of the links.

Getting Started with Paint Shop Pro X

Paint Shop Pro X Essentials Overview
Installing Paint Shop Pro X
Updating Paint Shop Pro X
Calibrating Your Monitor

Touring the Interface

The Workspace
The Menus
The Tools
The Palettes
The Toolbars

Painting and Retouching Quickstart

Drawing and Painting Basics
Cutting / Copying and Pasting
Photo Retouching Quickstart
Rotating / Cropping and Resizing
Correcting Mistakes

Working with Files

Opening Files
Creating New Files
Scanning Documents and Images
Resizing Documents and the Canvas
Accessing Image Information
Closing and Saving Files

Working with Palettes

The Brush Variance Palette
The Histogram Palette
The History Palette
The Layers Palette
The Learning Center
The Materials Palette
The Mixer Palette
The Overview Palette
The Browser Palette
Other Palettes

Using the Tools

Pan and Zoom
Pick and Move
Selection Tools
Straighten and Correction Tools
Red Eye
Restoration Tools
Brush Tools
Retouching Tools
Background Eraser
Flood Fill
Picture Tube
Shape Tools
Warp Tools
Medium Tools

Choosing Colors and Materials

Choosing Colors
Creating Gradients
Using Patterns and Textures

The Art of Selecting

Working with Selections
Transforming Selections
Modifying Selections

Using Layers and Masks

Working with Layers
Creating and Using Masks

Painting and Drawing

Using Guides / Grids and Rulers
Drawing Lines / Curves and Shapes
Modifying Vector Objects
Aligning and Distributing Objects


Editing Text
Creating Cool Text Effects

Photo Retouching

Removing Noise
Tone / Color and Fade Corrections
Fixing Scratches and Tears
Removing Writing
Removing Objects
Restoring Missing Pieces

Creating Collages

Selecting Source Material
Creating Collages

Creating Web Graphics

Creating Web Graphics
Optimizing Web Graphics
Using the Image Mapper
Using the Image Slicer
Creating Rollovers

Applying Effects

Choosing and Applying Effects
Using the Effects Browser

Automating Tasks

Running Scripts
Creating Scripts
Batch Processing


Using Print Layouts
Printing Contact Sheets

Customizing Paint Shop Pro X

Customizing Paint Shop Pro
Changing Preferences
Creating Your Own Workspace


Concluding Remarks


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