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CorelDRAW! 8 Tutorial

CorelDRAW! 8 is a great page layout and vector illustration, simplifying the design process for users creating for the Web or for print. This Virtual Training Company tutorial, led by Brian White, will start with the basics of CorelDRAW, covering all the menus and toolbars, and how to get started with a new graphic. Learn how to use the drawing tools, create artistic text, copy and arrange objects, apply outlines, and more. You will even learn how to work with special effects, such as blending, bevels, drop shadows, and power clips. To get started, just click one of the topics below.

Intro To Corel 8

Intro to Corel
The Corel Window
Property Bar
Color Palettes
Status Bar
Customizing Corel
Customizing Toolbars
Opening & Saving Files

Page Setup

Document Set-Up
Adding and Deleting Pages


Viewing Modes
Zoom Tool
Marquee Zoom
Zoom Toolbar
Previewing Documents
Viewing Multiple Windows
View Manager

Selecting And Moving

Multiple Selecting
Selecting Filled & No Fill Objects
Toggling Between Selections
Selecting Hidden Objects
Selecting Within a Group
Moving Objects
Constraining Movement
Customizing the Constraint Key
Moving with the Property Bar
Moving with the Transform Roll-Up I
Moving with the Transform Roll-Up II
Undo and Revert

Transforming Objects

Sizing Objects
Using Ctrl & Shift When Sizing
Sizing Using the Property Bar
Sizing Using the Transform Roll-Up
Rotating Objects
Rotating with Precision
Skewing Objects
Putting it Togetherr

Drawing Tools

Intro to Drawing Tools
Ovals and Rectangles I
Ovals and Rectangles II
Shaping Ovals and Rectangles
Drawing Polygons
Editing Polygons
Drawing Spirals
Grid Tool
Drawing Lines - Freeform
Drawing Straight Lines
Drawing Lines - Bezier
Natural Pen Tool
Dimensions Lines
Connector Tool

Copying And Deleting

Using the Plus Key
Move and Duplicate
Copying Properties

Editing Tools

Introduction to the Shape Tool
Shape Tool - Curves
Shape Tool - Adding & Deleting
Shape Tool - Auto Reduce
Shape Tool And Text
Knife Tool
Eraser Tool
Free Transform
Auto Trace

Arranging Objects

Aligning Objects I
Aligning Objects II
Distributing Objects I
Distributing Objects II
Order of Objects I
Order of Objects II
Grouping I
Grouping II
Locking Objects
Intro to Object Manager
Managing 0bjects
Changing Order with Object Manager
Intro to Layers
Creating Layers
Organizing Objects on Layers
Editing Across Layers
Master Layers


Artistic Vs. Paragraph Text
Converting Text
Creating Artistic Text
Creating Paragraph Text
Changing Font & Size
Formatting Style
Letter & Line Spacing
Text Columns
Setting Tabs & Indents
Resizing Paragraph Text
Paragraph Styles
Changing Styles
Automatic Spell Check
Spell Check
Type Assist
Changing Case
Fitting Text to a Path I
Fitting Text to a Path II
Text Wrap


Choosing a Pallet
Using the Color Pallet
Types of Fills
Interactive Fill Tool
Fill Tool Vs Dialog Boxes
Fountain Fills I
Types of Fountain Fills
Custom Fountain Fills I
Custom Fountain Fills II
Patterned Fills I
Patterned Fills II
Creating Patterns
Textured (Fractal) Fills
Customizing Textured Fills
Postscript Fills
Changing Default Colors
Copying Fills


Applying an Outline
Changing Outline Width
Behind Fill
Scale Outline with Image
Corners & End Caps
End Styles
Line Styles

Special Effects

Interactive Transparency
Blend I
Blend II
Interactive Distortion Tools I
Interactive Distortion Tools II
Interactive Envelop I
Interactive Envelope II
Interactive Extrude
Extrude Coloring
Extrude & Bevels
Extrudes & Lighting
Rotating Extrudes
Drop shadow I
Drop shadow II
Drop Shadow Resolution
Powerclips I
Powerclips II

Working with Bitmaps

Single Bit Bitmaps
Converting to Bitmap
Editing Bitmaps
Bitmap Color Mask
Using the Shape Tool
Color Adjustment
Special Effects

The Internet

Creating HTML I
Creating HTML II
Bookmarks & URLs I
Bookmarks & URLs II
Note on HTML Text

Importing and Exporting

Importing Photo CDs
Opening & Importing Clip Art
Editing Imported Clip Art
Exporting to a Word Processor
Exporting to a File


Printing Basics
Print Preview
Printing Separations

Bits and Pieces

Scripts & Presets
Recording Scripts

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