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CorelDRAW! 10 Tutorial

CorelDRAW! 10 is the latest version of the award winning page layout and vector illustration software from Corel. The new interface and improved features simplify the design process whether users are creating for the Web or print. This tutorial, led by Brian White, teaches users how to utilize features such as bitmap creation, image editing, painting, and animation so they can create to their full potential. You can begin learning about CorelDRAW 10 immediately. Just click on the selection of your choice below.

Intro to CorelDRAW 10

Intro to CorelDraw
Launching CorelDraw
The CorelDraw Window
Customizing Toolbars I
Customizing Toolbars II
Property Bar
The Toolbox
Color Palettes
Status Bar
Customizing the Workspace
Vector vs Bitmap

Page Setup

Opening and Saving Documents
Document Set-up I
Document Set-up II
Guidelines I
Guidelines II
Adding and Deleting Pages
Setting up Facing Pages
Page Sorter view
Using Templates
Missing Fonts


Draft, Normal & Enhanced Views
Wireframe views
Zoom Tool I
Marquee Zoom
One Time Zoom
Previewing Documents
Viewing Multiple Windows
View Manager

Selecting and Moving

Filled vs. Hollow
Marquee Select
Marquee Select using the Alt
Multiple Selecting
Deselecting Multiple Objects
Toggling between Selections
Selecting Hidden Objects
Selecting within A Group
Moving Objects
Constraining Movement
Customizing the Constraint Key
Moving with the Property Bar
Transformation Docker - Absolute Position
Transformation Docker - Relative Position
Transformation Docker in Action
Undo And Redo
Undo Docker and Revert

Transforming Objects

Sizing Objects
Resizing from the Center - Shift Key
Doubling the size - Control Key
Sizing Using the Property Bar
Sizing Using the Transformation Docker
Rotating Objects
Skewing objects
Constraining Rotation & Skewing
Rotating with the Property Bar
Rotating & Skewing Using the Transformation Docker
Mirroring Objects I
Mirroring Objects II
Free Transform Tool

Drawing Tools

Intro to Drawing Tools
Ovals and Rectangles
Circles & Squares
Shaping Rectangles
Shaping Ovals
Drawing & Editing Polygons
Drawing Spirals
Graph Tool
Perfect Shapes
Drawing - Freeform
Drawing Lines and Polygons
Drawing Straight Lines
Drawing Bezier
Artistic Media Tool - Presets
Artistic Media Tool - Brush
Artistic Media Tool - Sprayer I
Artistic Media Tool - Sprayer II
Artistic Media Tool - Sprayer III
Artistic Media Tool - Calligraphic Pen
Artistic Media Tool - Pressure Pen
Connector Tool
Interactive Connector Tool
Switching Between Tools

Copying and Deleting

Cut, Copy And Paste
Duplicating With The Plus key
Move, Duplicate & Repeat
Copying Properties

Editing Tools

Intro to The Shape Tool
Adding & Deleting Nodes
Direction of Nodes
Breaking & joining Curves
Splitting the Curve
Straight Lines & Curves
Using Curves - Practical Example
Knife Tool
Eraser Tool

Arranging Objects

Aligning Objects I
Aligning Objects II
Distributing Objects
Combine Knockouts
Break Apart
Weld, Trim & Intersect I
Weld, Trim & Intersect II
Weld, Trim & Intersect Dockers
Order of objects I
Order of objects II
Grouping & Ungrouping
Editing within Groups
Locking objects
Intro to Layers
Creating Layers
Organizing layers
Editing across Layers
Master Layers
Special Layers
Object Manager


Artistic vs. Paragraph Text
Creating Artistic Text
Creating Pragraph Text
Converting Text
Removing Paragraph Text Frame
Pasting & Separating Text
Formatting Text - Font
Adding a font - Font Navigator
Type Alignment
Resizing Text
Fitting Text to a Frame
Linking Paragraph Text
Interactive Letter & Line spacing
Letter & Line Spacing by the Numbers
Adding Bullets
Drop Caps
Copying Text Properties
Paragraph Styles
Spell Check
Quick Correct
Changing Case
Converting Text to Curves
Fitting Text to a Path
Text to Path - using the property bar
Fitting Text to a Circle
Fitting Text in an Object
Text Wrap


Choosing a Pallet
CMYK & RGB Pallets
Pantone Colors
Using the color Docker
Setting the Default Color
Applying Fills
Types of Fills
Interactive Fill Tool
Uniform fills
Fountain Fills-Coloring
Fountain Fills - Fill Direction
Types of Fountain Fills
Custom Fountain Fills
Preset Fountain Fills
Patterned Fills I
Transforming Patterened fills
Mirrored Patterns
Full Color Patterns
Bitmap Patterns
Creating Fills
Textured (Fractal) Fills
Customizing Texture Fills
Postscript Fills
Mesh Tool
Copying fills
Eydropper & Paintbucket Tools


Applying Outlines to Objects
Line Styles
Scale Outline with Image
End Styles
Corners & End Caps
Behind Fill

Interactive Tools

Intro To interactive Tools
Blending along a Curve
Blending Similar Shapes
Interactive Contour
Distortion Tool - Push Pull
Distortion Tool - Zipper
Distortion Tool - Twister
Creating Envelops from Shapes
Mapping the envelop modes
Extrude - Vanishing Point
Extrude - Options
Extrude - Color
Extrude - Rotating
Extrude - Bevel
Extruded Lighting
Etruded Bitmaps
Drop Shadow I
Drop Shadow II
Copying & Deleting Effects


Intro to effects
Lens efect
Editing Lens Effect
Powerclips - Editing

Working with Bitmaps

Intro to Bitmaps
Converting to Bitmap
Editing Bitmaps
Bitmap Color Mask
Croping and Resampling Bitmaps
Color Adjustment
Bitmap eraser
Special Effects

Importing and Exporting

Importing Clip Art
Importing Photos
Linking Photos
Exporting To A file
Exporting To EPS


Simple Printing
Printing an Object
Print orientation & Errors
Printing Separations
Printing Impositions
Creating a PDF file

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