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CompTIA i-Net+ Certification Tutorial

VTC's CompTIA i-Net+ Certification is intended for users who are interested in pursuing Internet-related careers and provides information required to prepare for the CompTIA i-Net+ certification. The CompTIA i-Net+ certification validates the knowledge of technical and non-technical professionals with at least six months experience in Internet, Intranet, Extranet and E-commerce technologies. i-Net+ is a lifetime certification; therefore, you do not have to upgrade the certification later in order to maintain your credentials. This tutorial, by author Richard Watson, provides information that covers the following objectives: Internet basics and clients, development, networking, security and buisness concepts. To begin learning today simply click on the links.

Introduction and Overview

Overview of Course

Internet Network Basics

Understanding Networks
Topologies pt. 1
Topologies pt. 2
Network Adapters
Modems, pt. 1
Modems, pt. 2
Token Ring
History of the Internet
Access Points and Backbones
WAN Connectivity

Domain Name Services

Structure of DNS
Root Domain Name Servers
DNS Records
DNS Utilities


Design Goals of TCP/IP
Transmission Control Protocol
User Datagram Protocol
Internet Protocol
Routing with IP
What's an IP Address?
Components of an IP Address
Special Purpose IP Addresses
Address Classes (A,B,C)
Subnet Masks
SLIP versus PPP
PPTP versus L2TP
Other Protocols Built on TCP/IP

Internet Clients

Client Requirements
Configure TCP/IP
Configure Dial up Networking
Configuring Web Browsers
Using Command Line FTP
Newsgroup Readers

HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

HTML Document Structure
Creating Hyperlinks
Creating Tables
Creating Forms
Web Browser Compatibility

Internet Development

High-Level Languages
Server-Side Languages
Client-Side Languages)
Markup Languages
Multimedia Extensions
Multimedia Formats
Database Types

Internet Site Functionality Design

Internet Site Functionality Issues
Caching pt. 1
Caching pt. 2
Types of Search Engines
Site Maps
Basic Search Types

Administration and Maintenance of Internet Sites

Basic Site Administration
Common HTTP Response Codes
Troubleshooting Web Servers pt.1
Troubleshooting Web Servers pt.2
Address Resolution Protocol
IPConfig,Ifconfig, Winipcfg
Network Analyzer


Authentication Mechanisms
Password Authentication
Digital Signatures
Digital Certificates
Access Control Methods
Packet Filtering Firewalls
Stateful Inspection Firewalls
DMZ Configurations
Encryption Overview
Symmetric Key Cryptography
Asymmetric Key Cryptography
Encryption Technologies
Common Attacks, pt. 1
Common Attacks, pt. 2
Intrusion Detection Systems
Virus Protection
Updating Client Software

Business Concepts

E-Commerce Terms and Concepts, pt. 1
E-Commerce Terms and Concepts, pt. 2
Types of Networks
E-Business Models
Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents
Marketing Websites

End of Course

What this Course Covered


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