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CompTIA Server+ Certification Tutorial

Virtual Training Company's CompTIA Server+ Certification Tutorial is geared toward helping you to pass the certification test, but includes plenty of foundation material of use to both the beginner and the professional. Author Bill Ferguson's 9-hour course explains what a network is, what it does, and its components, as well as how to install, configure and upgrade a network. Start learning this valuable information right now by clicking on one of the movie links below.

Overview & Foundation

What Is A Network
Peer to Peer vs. Server Centric
Server Categories
Server Roles Pt.1
Server Roles Pt.2
Server Roles Pt.3
Server Roles Pt.4
Server Roles Pt.5

Network Components

Overview of Network Components
Processors & Clock Speed
Processor Cache
Symetric Multiprocessing
Buses Overview
Memory Buses
System Buses
System Buses
Memory Overview & Measurement
Memory Interleaving
Memory Types & Form Factors
Error Checking
Buffering or Registering
Disk Subsystem Overview
SCSI Overview
SCSI 1/2/3
New Technologies for Disk Susbsystems
Network Subsystems Overview
Ethernet Overview
10BaseT & 10Base5
10Base2 & 10Base-F
Faster Ethernet
Token Ring
Wireless Networking
Network Devices Overview
Network Interface Cards
Network Protocols
IPX/SPX AppleTalk & DLC
SNMP & other Agents


Installation Overview
Verifying Compatibility
Verifying Power Sources
Verifying Connectivity
Verifying Inventory
Installation Tips Overview
Electrostatic Discharge
Avoiding ESD
Installing Processsors
Installing Memory
Installing IDE/ATA Hard Disks
Installing SCSI Chains
Installing the Network Subsystem
Installing Server Racks


Configuration Overview
BIOS & Flashing
RAID Level 0
RAID Level 1
RAID Level 5
NOSs & File Systems
Network Connectivity
UPS Configuration
NOS Updates & Driver Updates
Service Tools Overview
Backup Software
Anti-Virus Software
System Monitors
Event Logs
Performing a Server Baseline


Upgrading Overview
The Upgrade Checklist
Adding Processors Overview
Upgrading a Single Processor
Upgading to Multiple Processors
Adding Drives
Adding Memory
Flashing the BIOS
Upgrading Adapters
Adding Peripheral Devices
Upgrading the UPS

Proactive Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance Overview
Backups Overview
Incremental Backups
Differential Backups
Creating a Baseline
How SNMP Works
Physical Housekeeping
Verifying Hardware & Remote Notification


Environment Overview
Types of Environments
Controlling Temp/Humidity/Air Quality
Power Issues Overview
Spikes/Surges/Sags/Brownouts & Blackouts
Surge Suppressors & Line Conditioners
Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Fire Suppression & Flood Control
Electrostatic Discharge
Physical Security


Troubleshooting Overview
Questioning Techniques
Using Your Senses
Task Manager
Windows NT Diagnostics
Event Viewer & Computer Managment Tools
TCP/IP Utilities Overview
Ping/Ipconfig & Tracert
Netstat & Nbtstat
Netdiag & NSLookup

Disaster Recovery

Fault Tolerance Overview
RAID & Redundancy
Hot Swap/Warm Swap/Hot Spares
Disaster Recovery Plan
Types of Backup Hardware & Software
Restoring Servers & Physical Components

Preparing To Take & Pass The Test

Preparation for the Test
The Day of the Tests


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