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CompTIA Security+ Certification Tutorial

Networks are as integral to business today as paperclips and coffee. Everyday, data within shopping carts, employee records, bank records and more gets passed across networks worldwide. Whether it's an e-mail from the other end of the office or a financial transaction across continents, proper network security is essential. In the CompTIA Security+ tutorial, author Paul Wolfe guides you through every level of network security. Not only the information needed to pass the certification test, but also knowledge you will need to protect yourself and your clients. To begin learning now, simply click one of the Security+ links.


Covered in This Course
Information Security

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Key Concepts
Asset Control Pt.1
Asset Control Pt.2
Vulnerability Assessment
Threat Profiling Pt.1
Threat Profiling Pt.2
Risk Assessment Pt.1
Risk Assessment Pt.2

Organizational Security

Organizational Security
Security Best Practices
Password Policy Example
Security Organization Pt.1
Security Organization Pt.2
Incident Response Pt.1
Incident Response Pt.2
Forensics Overview
Forensics Investigation
Change Management and Auditing

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Key Concepts
Physical Security
Physical Security Continued
Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Pt.1
Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Pt.2

Access Control/Authentication

Access Control Key Concepts
Username/Password and Kerberos
CHAP and Digital Certificates
Tokens and Biometrics Pt.1
Tokens and Biometrics Pt.2
Multifactor & Mutual Authentication Pt.1
Multifactor & Mutual Authentication Pt.2

Network Security

Network Security Overview
Network Devices Pt.1
Network Devices Pt.2
Remote Access Devices and Services Pt.1
Remote Access Devices and Services Pt.2
Wireless and Mobile Technologies Pt.1
Wireless and Mobile Technologies Pt.2
Virtual Private Networks
Secure Network Architecture Pt.1
Secure Network Architecture Pt.2

Server and Host Security

Server/Host Key Terms
E-Mail Services Pt.1
E-Mail Services Pt.2
Web Services
Directory Services
File Transfer Services
Terminal and Instant Messaging Pt.1
Terminal and Instant Messaging Pt.2
Baseline and Hardening Pt.1
Baseline and Hardening Pt.2

Monitoring and IDS

Monitoring, IDS/R Key Concepts
Monitoring – FCAPS
Monitoring – SNMP Pt.1
Monitoring – SNMP Pt.2
Intrusion Detection Systems
Network IDS
Host IDS
Installing Snort for Windows Pt.1
Installing Snort for Windows Pt.2

Cryptography and PKI

Cryptography Key Concepts
Encryption for Confidentiality
Data Integrity and Digital Hashes
Digital Signatures and Authentication
Symmetric Algorithms
Asymmetric Algorithms Pt.1
Asymmetric Algorithms Pt.2
PKI and Digital Certificates Pt.1
PKI and Digital Certificates Pt.2
PKI Standards and Protocols
Key and Certificate Management
Encrypting NTFS Volumes with EFS
PGP with Microsoft Outlook

Threats and Attacks

Threats and Attacks Key Concepts
Profile of an Attacker Pt.1
Profile of an Attacker Pt.2
Anatomy of an Attack
Back Doors and Trojan Horses
Spoofing and Hijacking
Man-in-the-Middle and Replay
Password Cracking
Malicious Code


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