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CompTIA Project+ (2009 Objectives) Tutorial

Prepare for the CompTIA Project+ certification exam with this comprehensive course. This course will provide a thorough review of the PK0-003 2009 exam objectives, covering the full project life cycle. Specifically, you will enhance your knowledge in the following areas: project management foundation, project initiation, project planning, project execution, monitoring and controlling, and project closure. This course also provides a detailed review of the project management basics, based on industry best practices and standards. Use this course to validate your experience by preparing for and passing the CompTIA Project+ exam or simply to enhance your project management skills! To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Course Contents
Who Should Take this Course
About CompTIA
CompTIA Project+ Exam Overview
Purchasing a Voucher
How to Get the Most From this Course

Exam Domains

Section Introduction
Pre-Project Setup & Initiating
Project Planning
Project Execution & Delivery
Change / Control & Communication
Project Closure

Foundation of a Project

Section Introduction
What is a project?
The PMBOK Guide
Project Life Cycles
Process Groups
Project Management Knowledge Areas
Triple Constraints
Organizational Structures - Functional
Organizational Structures - Project Based
Organizational Structures - Matrix

Initiating The Project

Section Introduction
Project Validation
Project Selection Methods
Project Charter
Identifying Stakeholders

Defining the Project Management Plan

Section Introduction
Scope Management Plan
Schedule Management Plan
Cost Management Plan
Quality Management Plan
Human Resource Plan
Communications Management Plan
Risk & Procurement Management Plans
Performance Baselines
Additional Plans

Planning - Developing the Project\'s Scope

Section Introduction
Progressive Elaboration
Building the Requirements
Scope Document
Using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) pt. 1
Using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) pt. 2

Planning - Developing the Schedule

Section Introduction
Building the Activity List
Sequencing Activities
Creating Network Diagrams
Estimating Techniques
Estimating Resources
Estimating Durations
Performing CPM pt. 1
Performing CPM pt. 2
Calculating Float
Modifying the Schedule
Schedule Baseline & Formats

Planning - Building the Budget & Human Resource Plan

Section Introduction
Estimating Costs
Cost Budgeting
Planning Quality

Planning - Managing Communications & Risk

Section Introduction
Planning Communications
Calculating Communication Channels
Planning Risk Management
Developing the Risk Register
Analyzing Risks
Generating Risk Responses

Project Execution

Section Introduction
Transition Plan
Project Kick-Off Meeting
Identifying & Assigning Resources
Managing the Project Team
Managing Conflict
Stages of Team Development
Influence of Organizational Governance
Managing the Project Management Plan
Quality Assurance

Change Control

Section Introduction
Change Management Procedures
Reviewing Change Requests

Controlling the Triple Constraints

Section Introduction
Monitoring & Controlling the Project Work
Controlling the Schedule pt. 1
Controlling the Schedule pt. 2
Controlling the Budget
Earned Value Management pt. 1
Earned Value Management pt. 2
Earned Value Management pt. 3
Earned Value Earning Rules
Conformance vs. Non-Conformance
Controlling Quality pt. 1
Controlling Quality pt. 2

Controlling Scope / Risk & Communications

Section Introduction
Controlling Scope
Monitoring & Controlling Risk
Distributing Project Information
Managing Stakeholder Expectations
Managing Special Communication Needs

Managing Procurements

Section Introduction
Defining Contract Types
Procurement Planning
Administer Procurements
Conduct Procurements

Project Closure

Section Introduction
Closing the Project
Steps to Project Closure pt. 1
Steps to Project Closure pt. 2
Closing Documentation

Course Summary

Course Review pt. 1
Course Review pt. 2
Test Day


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