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CompTIA Network+ Certification Tutorial

Need to become CompTIA Network+ certified? Join certified instructor Bill Ferguson in Virtual Training Company's CompTIA Network+ Certification tutorial as he shows you everything you need to know to take and pass the test. He begins by introducing you to the OSI (Open Systems Interconnect) model, then explains how network adapters allow computers to communicate, the relation between the topologies and technologies of networks, and how to control network traffic. Other topics he covers include remote connectivity, tools used for troubleshooting both hardware and software, and how to protect your network with Firewalls. Learn all you need to know for CompTIA Network+ Certification now by simply click one of the topics below.

Introduction and Overview

Overview Part 1
Overview Part 2

The OSI Model

What is the OSI Model?
The layers of the model

Network Adapters

Network Adapter Overview
Properties of Network Adapter Cards
Configuring a Network Adapters Resources
Configuring a Network Adapters Addressing
Troubleshooting Network Adapters

Network Cabling Communication

Network Cabling and Communication Overview
LANs vs. WANs
Communication Methods
Twisted Pair Cabling and Connectors
Coaxial Cable
Fiber Optic Cable

Topologies and Technologies

Types of Topologies
The Bus Topology
The Star Topology
The Ring Topology
The Mesh Topology
Hyid Topologies
Types of Technologies
CSMA/CD Access Method
Token Ring & Token Passing
Fiber Distributed Data Interface

Network Hardware

Network Hardware Overview

Remote Connectivity

Remote Connectivity Overview
Remote Communication Layers
Modem Standards and Features
Remote Connectivity Terminology
Flow Control and UART Protocols
Installing Modems
Troubleshooting Modems
Creating Dial-Up Connections

Troubleshooting Hardware

Environmental Conditions
Physical Layout
Common Network Tools
Troubleshooting Tips


Network Protocols Defined
Access Protocols
Transport Protocols


The Evolution of TCP/IP
TCP/IP Fundamentals
The TCP/IP Suite
The TCP/IP Suite continued
The TCP/IP Suite continued
Ports and Sockets
IP Addressing
IP Address Classes
Binary Numbers
Default Subnet Masks
Anding IP Addresses
IP Address Configuration
Subnetting and Routing
Routing Tables and Routing Protocols

Name Resolution

Name Resolution Overview
Host Name Resolution
NetBIOS Name Resolution
Name Resolution Steps

Firewalls and Proxies

Firewalls and Proxies
Proxy Servers

TCP/IP Tools

Tools from Command Prompt

Remote Access Protocols

Remote Access Protocol Overview

Network Operating Systems

The Role of an NOS
Components of a Network
Types of Networks
Network Clients

Directory Services

Directory Services Overview
NT Trusts
NT Domain Models
NT Domain Controllers
Active Directory

Accessing Resources Through a Network

Share Permissions
NTFS Permissions
Sharing and Mapping Drives
UNC Command
Sharing Printer

Optimizing a Network

Tools for Networks
Event Viewer
Task Manager
System Monitor
Network Monitor
Troubleshooting & Ongoing Maintenance

Fault Tolerance

Fault Tolerance Defined

Ongoing Network Maintenance

Patches and Service Packs
Virus Protection

Taking the CompTIA Network+ Test

Tips on Taking the CompTIA Network+ Test

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