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CompTIA A+ 2009 Edition Essentials (Exam 220-701) Tutorial

The CompTIA A+ Certification is one of the most widely recognized industry certifications in the world. Holding the A+ certification instantly tells prospective employers that you have proven your technical knowledge and skills in supporting and maintaining personal computers. In this course, instructor Mark Long takes you on a step-by-step journey through the topics and technologies you need to know to prepare for the A+ Essentials Exam 220-701. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Course Objectives
Course Structure
A+ Certification Basics
A+ Testing Basics
Taking the Exam pt. 1
Taking the Exam pt. 2
Test Topics

Personal Computer Basics

PC Basics
Tech Toolkit
External Connections pt. 1
External Connections pt. 2
Audio Connections
Display Connections


What is RAM?
Types of RAM
Types of DRAM pt. 1
Types of DRAM pt. 2
RAM Characteristics


What is a Processor?
Processor Speed
Cache Memory
Math Co-Processor
Real Mode/Protected Mode
Hyperthreading & Multicore
Speeding Up & Slowing Down
Chip Packaging


What is BIOS & CMOS?
Updating CMOS

Expansion Bus

What is the Expansion Bus?
Expansion Bus Types pt. 1
Expansion Bus Types pt. 2
Expansion Bus Types pt. 3


What is a Motherboard?
Form Factors pt. 1
Form Factors pt. 2

Power Supplies

Getting Power pt. 1
Getting Power pt. 2
ATX Power

Hard Drives & Other Media

Hard Drive Basics
Hard Drive Storage Terms
Hard Drive Types pt. 1
Hard Drive Types pt. 2
Managing the Hard Drive
RAID pt. 1
RAID pt. 2
Removable Storage
Magnetic Removable Storage
Optical Removable Storage
Solid State Removable Storage

Microsoft Windows

Operating System Basics
Windows OS Basics pt. 1
Windows OS Basics pt. 2
Windows System Requirements
Windows GUI Elements pt. 1
Windows GUI Elements pt. 2
Where Are My Files?
Using Text Commands
I Love this Bar
Monitoring the PC
Managing the PC

Video & Audio

Video Basics
Display Choices
Video Cards
Display Resolution
Audio Basics


Printer Basics
Printer Types
Laser Printer Steps


Networking Basics pt. 1
Networking Basics pt. 2
Networking Cabling pt. 1
Networking Cabling pt. 2
What Is a NIC
Network Topologies pt. 1
Network Topologies pt. 2
Network Addressing
TCP/IP Basics pt. 1
TCP/IP Basics pt. 2

Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking Basics
Wireless Standards
Wireless Security


Internet Basics
Hello Email
The Information Mesh
Internet Connection Types


Security Basics
Network Based Threats
Software Based Threats
Physical Security
Data Security
Data Backups

Computer Technician Basics

Soft Skills/Hard Heads
Dealing with Customers
Troubleshooting Methodology


Course Wrap-Up


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