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Claris Works 5 (Appleworks) Tutorial

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Window Elements

Menu Bar
Button Bar
Ruler Bar
Scroll Bars
Tool Palette
Page Button
Split Window Tool
Zoom Buttons
Elements Conclusion

Word Processing - Intro

New Document & Margin Setup
Moving Text
Drag & Drop
Copying Text
Selecting Text

Word Processing - Formatting

Bold, Underline & Italics
Style Menu Formats
Text Styles (Basic)
Height & Spacing
Tabs & Markers
Tabs, Lists & Leaders
Copy & Apply Ruler
Headers & Footers
Section Break - New Line
Sections - Chapters
Sections - Headers
Sections - Titles
Page Numbers

Word-Processing - Styles

Default Style
Basic Styles
Paragraph Styles
Compound Styles
Outline Styles
Outline Styles (2)
Copy & Paste Styles
Import & Export Styles
A Note on Import & Export

Word-Processing - Appendix

Footnotes & End Notes
Find & Replace
Check Spelling
Selecting Dictionaries
Mail Merge

Drawing - Frame Tools

Introduction to Drawing
Tool Palette
Text Frames
Spreadsheet Frames
Paint Frames

Drawing - Drawing Tools

Line Tool
Rectangle Tool/Layers
Rounded Rectangle/Duplicate
Oval Tool/Duplicate/Group
Arc Tool/Reshape
Polygons/Free Rotate
Bezigon Tool
Regular Polygon

Drawing - Arrange

Reshaping Polygons
Rotating Objects
Flipping Objects
Grouping & Locking Objects
Aligning Objects

Drawing - Options

Object Size Palette
Text Wrap
Editing Patterns
Editing Textures
Editing Gradients
Color Palettes

Painting - Shape Tools

Introduction to Painting
Line Tool
Rectangle Tool
Rounded Rectangle
Polygon Tool
Freehand Tool
Bezigon Tool
Eyedropper Tool
Regular Polygon Tool

Painting - Selection Tools

Selection Rectangle
Lasso Tool
Magic Wand
Moving with Autogrid

Painting - Paint Tools

Brush Tool
Brush - Blend
Brush - Lighter/Darker
Brush - Tint
Pencil Tool
Bucket Tool
Spray Can Tool
Painted Text

Painting - Transform

Shear, Distort & Perspective
Free Rotate
Flip, Rotate & Resize
Fill & Pick Up
Invert & Blend
Tint, Lighter & Darker

Painting - Appendix

Paint Modes
More on Resolution
Color Depth
Increase Memory Allocation

Spreadsheet - Intro

Spreadsheet Introduction
Entering Data
Change Style Defaults
Entering Large Numbers
Selecting a Range Of Cells

Spreadsheet - Formulas

Basic Formulas
Sum & AutoSum
More Basic Functions

Spreadsheet - Formatting

Hiding Rows & Columns
Insert & Delete
Move, Copy & Transpose
Relative References
Absolute References
Formatting Numbers
Cell Borders
Table Format Styles
Date & Invoice Due
Range Names
Sorting Data
Fill Special

Spreadsheet - Charts

Chart Options - Gallery
Chart Options - Axes
Chart Options - Series
Chart Labels/General

Spreadsheet - Functions

If Function
Random Function
IsError Function

Spreadsheet Appendix

Printing (2)
Locking Titles
Locking Cells
Manual Calculation
Income Statement

Database - Introduction

Database Introduction
Database Modes
List Mode
Match Records
Browse Mode
Saving Sort Settings

Database - Layout

Layout - Format
Layout - Header & Footer
Layout - Sub Summaries (1)
Layout - Sub Summaries (2)
Layout - Sub Summaries (3)
Layout - Sub Summaries (4)
Layout - Grand Summary
Layout - Page View & Match
Search - Pop-Up Menu
Reports - Pop-Up Menu
Layouts - Pop-Up Menu
Label Layout

Databases - Creating a Database

Specifying Fields
Inserting & Importing Data
Exporting Data
Copy Summary Values
Changing Tab Order
Invoices Database

Integration & Miscellaneous

Customizing Button Bar
Creating New Button Bar
Creating Buttons
User Defined Buttons
Equation Editor
Review of Stationery
Create Stationery
Mailmerge & Found Set
Communications Module
Using Help
Closing Credits

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