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Citrix Access Gateway Advanced 4.5 Tutorial

Citrix Access Gateway is a robust, web-driven interface to allow users to access protected resources in enterprise networks. Whether you need to protect access to files, web sites, or servers, Citrix Access Gateway Advanced Edition allows you to define the levels of access for all users in your organization. In this practical, "hands-on" course, author Greg Dickinson introduces you to the components of the Citrix Access Gateway, and walks you through a lab where you will design and troubleshoot an Access Server infrastructure. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Introduction & Overview

Course Overview
Topics Covered

Advanced Access Control Software

Installation Overview
License Console pt. 1
License Console pt. 2
Access Management Console


Resources Overview pt. 1
Resources Overview pt. 2
Web Resources pt. 1
Web Resources pt. 2
File Share Resources
Network Resources
User Experience

Scan Configuration

Scan Overview
Continuous Scans pt. 1
Continuous Scans pt. 2
Endpoint Analysis Scans
Endpoint Analysis Scan Rules pt. 1
Endpoint Analysis Scan Rules pt. 2

Advanced Endpoint Scans

Scan Output as an Input Condition pt. 1
Scan Output as an Input Condition pt. 2
Data Sets pt. 1
Data Sets pt. 2


Filters & Policies Overview
Continuous Scan Filters
Access Filters pt. 1
Access Filters pt. 2


Connection Policies pt. 1
Connection Policies pt. 2
Connection Policies pt. 3
Access Policies pt. 1
Access Policies pt. 2

Logon Points

Logon Points Overview
Creating a Logon Point pt. 1
Creating a Logon Point pt. 2
Creating a Logon Point pt. 3
Logon Point Deployment & Config
Logon Point Administration

Access Server Farm Configuration

Authentication Profiles pt. 1
Authentication Profiles pt. 2
Service Account Credentials
Presentation Server Farms pt. 1
Presentation Server Farms pt. 2
Presentation Server Integration
Multiple Access Server Farms
Access Server Farm Maintenance

Basic Troubleshooting

Viewing Session Information
Event Logging pt. 1
Event Logging pt. 2

Putting It All Together

Lab Overview
Setting Up Resources pt. 1
Setting Up Resources pt. 2
Scan Configuration
Filter Configuration
Policy Setup
Building Logon Points pt. 1
Building Logon Points pt. 2
User Experience & Troubleshooting pt. 1
User Experience & Troubleshooting pt. 2
User Experience & Troubleshooting pt. 3
Changing the Rules pt. 1
Changing the Rules pt. 2
Migrating to Production
Lab Recap

Course Recap

Topics Covered


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