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Cisco ICND1 (Exam 640-822) Tutorial

The Cisco 640-822 exam is Cisco's entry-level exam for networking professionals. Passing this exam will earn you the CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician) certification and is the first step towards acquiring the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification. This course covers the requirements for the ICND1 exam, and should prepare you to pass the exam. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Course Introduction

Course Overview
Topics Covered
Cisco Certifications pt. 1
Cisco Certifications pt. 2

Data Network Basics

Networking Device & Diagram Basics
Network Design Considerations pt. 1
Network Design Considerations pt. 2
Network Topologies pt. 1
Network Topologies pt. 2
The OSI Model pt. 1
The OSI Model pt. 2
The OSI Model pt. 3
The OSI Model pt. 4

TCP/IP Concepts

IP Address Basics pt. 1
IP Address Basics pt. 2
IP Address Basics pt. 3
IP Address Classes pt. 1
IP Address Classes pt. 2
Network Services (DHCP/DNS) pt. 1
Network Services (DHCP/DNS) pt. 2

IP Packet Analysis

IP Packet Structure pt. 1
IP Packet Structure pt. 2
IP Packet Structure pt. 3
TCP Communications pt. 1
TCP Communications pt. 2

Overview of Ethernet

Ethernet Concepts pt. 1
Ethernet Concepts pt. 2
Ethernet Hardware
The Cisco IOS
Interacting with the Cisco CLI
Switching Concepts pt. 1
Switching Concepts pt. 2
Basic Switch Configuration pt. 1
Basic Switch Configuration pt. 2

Advanced Switch Configuration

Basic Switch Security pt. 1
Basic Switch Security pt. 2
Telnet vs. SSH pt. 1
Telnet vs. SSH pt. 2
Telnet vs. SSH pt. 3
Port Security pt. 1
Port Security pt. 2

IP Routing

IP Routing Concepts
Cisco Router Basics pt. 1
Cisco Router Basics pt. 2
Routing Basics pt. 1
Routing Basics pt. 2
Routing Protocols
Configuring RIP2

Wireless Networking

Wireless Basics
Wireless Standards pt. 1
Wireless Standards pt. 2
Wireless Security pt. 1
Wireless Security pt. 2
Building a Wireless Network

Managing Cisco Devices

Using the Cisco SDM pt. 1
Using the Cisco SDM pt. 2
Configuring DHCP Using SDM
Cisco Device Boot Sequence pt. 1
Cisco Device Boot Sequence pt. 2
Managing the Filesystem
Upgrading the IOS Image
Password Recovery pt. 1
Password Recovery pt. 2
Cisco Discovery Protocol pt. 1
Cisco Discovery Protocol pt. 2

Wide Area Networking

Overview of WANs
WAN Connection Types
NAT vs. PAT pt. 1
NAT vs. PAT pt. 2
Frame-Relay Connections pt. 1
Frame-Relay Connections pt. 2
HDLC/PPP Serial Connections

Network Security

The Need for Network Security
Network Attack Types
Security Configurations
Network Security Appliances & Software

Putting It All Together

Planning a Network pt. 1
Planning a Network pt. 2
Configuring Network Equipment pt. 1
Configuring Network Equipment pt. 2
Configuring Network Equipment pt. 3
Connecting to the Internet
Testing the Configuration pt. 1
Testing the Configuration pt. 2

Wrapping It All Up

Review of Topics Covered


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