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Celemony Melodyne Studio 3 Tutorial

Celemony Melodyne Studio 3 is an industry standard audio manipulation software music program. It incorporates amazing pitch and time stretching algorithms that are able to sonically adjust audio to extremes, without gaining distracting artifacts. With the release of the updated Melodyne Editor, audio manipulation is widened to enable the musical adjustment of polyphonic audio files in addition to the traditional melodic or single note files. In this VTC course, seasoned Melodyne expert Mark Struthers, teaches students fundamental concepts while providing his own tips for getting the most out of the application. Work Files are included. To begin learning Celemony Melodyne Studio 3 today, simply click on one of the movie topics.


Different Versions
iLok Copy Protection
System Requirements
Audio Manipulation Background

Getting Started

Preparing a Vocal File
Preparing a Guitar File pt. 1
Preparing a Guitar File pt. 2
Using a Host Program or Stand Alone

Melodyne Plug-In

Launching as Insert in Cubase
How it Works
Interface Initial Look
Capturing Audio File
Scrolling & Zooming
Preferences Window

Plug-In Manipulation

Manipulation Tools Overview pt. 1
Manipulation Tools Overview pt. 2
Correct Pitch Macro
Quantize Time Macro
Scales & Pitch Snap
Select Menu
Edit Menu
Algorithm Menu
View & He|p
Time Grid Menu
Pitch Grid & Stave
Main & Edit Pitch Tool pt. 1
Main & Edit Pitch Tool pt. 2
Formant Double Tracking
Time Tool Double Tracking
Creating Harmonies
Automating Parameters
Easy Note Correction
Percussion Detection
Final Functions

Studio 3 Introduction

Studio 3 Overview
Melodyne Bridge
Preferences & Drivers
Arrangement & Editor Overview
MDD Editor Introduction
File Menus
Melody Manager
Save Audio Single File
Save Audio Multi File
Audio to Midi

Studio 3 In Use

File Formats
Transport Bar
Edit Menus
Main Tool Versatility
Pitch / Formant & Amplitude Tools
Time & Separation Tools
Automatic Pitch Correction & Pitch Drift
Setting the Key
Mixer Introduction
Mixer Effects & Connections
Mixer Group Tracks
Analyzing Your Notes
Correct Detection
Finding the Beat
Live Recording
Changing Tempo
Quick Tips pt. 1
Quick Tips pt. 2

Melodyne Editor Overview

Editor Overview
Stand Alone & Plug-In
Bringing in Audio
Recording Audio with Editor
Getting Around
Note Assignment Tool
Monitoring Synthesizer
Crescent Adjustments
Defining Tempo
Cycle Ranges

Melodyne Editor In Use

Display Options pt. 1
Display Options pt. 2
DNA Tools In Use
Real Time Controllers
Macro Editing


Wrap Up


About the Author

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