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Carrara 5 Tutorial

Carrara 5 is an easy-to-use but extremely powerful 3D application for both PC and Macintosh/MacIntel. Able to produce high resolution, lithography quality art to animated movies complete with particle effects, Carrara is one of the most universal 3D toolsets for any studio or work environment. This simple to follow how-to course functions on two levels: 1) Introduces someone new to Carrara software to the ins and outs of 3D content creation with this amazing tool, and 2) Demonstrates advanced capabilities for more experienced users - building on top of fundamentals. Work files are made available, so users can successfully explore and discover the secrets of working with Carrara! To begin learning Carrara 5 today, simply click on one of the movie links.


New in Carrara Pro 5
Interface Tour
Room Tour - Assembly
Room Tour - Model
Room Tour - Storyboard
Room Tour - Texture
Room Tour - Render
General 3D Best Methods

Using The Cameras

Using Cameras For Navigating Your 3D Space
The Four Basic Cameras
Navigating With Track/Dolly/Pan/Bank Tools
Advanced - Motion Paths For Camera Movement

Creating Scenes

Using the Universal Manipulator
Primitive Objects
Creating Text Objects
Formula Objects
Creating Plants
Advanced - Creating Your Own Plants pt. 1
Advanced - Creating Your Own Plants pt. 2
Exploring the Scene Wizard & Browser
Creating Your Own Carrara Library of Objects
Importing 3D Models
Best-methods For Scene Management

Managing Scene Elements

Setting Up a Scene
Moving/Scaling/Rotating Scene Elements
Aligning/Duplicating/Distributing/Spacing Objects
Using the Eye Dropper

Lighting a Scene

Basic Scene Lighting
Using the Distant Light
Using the Spot Light
Using the Bulb Light
Using the Anything Glows Light
Using the Shape & Tube Light
Best-methods For Lighting
Advanced - Special Lighting Effects


Using Modifiers & Deformers
Grouped Modifiers

The Three Carrara 5 Modelers

Comparing Spline/Vertex/Metaball Modelers

Spline Modeler

Creating Cross Sections
Creating a Wine Glass
Advanced - Importing From Other Drawing Programs
Advanced 2 - Additional Imports
Extrusion Methods

Vertex Modeler

Vertex Basics
Extruding & Sweeping
Lathing & Lofting
Tool Integration/Creasing/Smoothing
Booleans & the Cut Tool
Drawing/Ruled/Double Sweep Surfaces Tools
Drawing/Gordon/Coons Surfaces Tools
Edge Tools

Metaball Modeler

Using the Metaball Modeler

Creating Terrains

Introduction to Terrain Objects
Creating & Modifying a Terrain
Using the Map Editor
Creating Realistic Skies

Using the Replicators

What are the Two Replicators?
The Replicator pt. 1
The Replicator pt. 2
The Surface Replicator
Advanced - Shader Controlled Surface Replication

Using Shaders

Shader Introduction
Shader Tree & Basic Shader Functions
Using the Shader Tree & Applying Shaders
Working With the Multi-Channel Mixer
Working With Texture Maps
Displacement Maps
Shader Domains & Layer Lists
Layer Lists Continued
Advanced - Complex Shader Development
Advanced - Animated Displacement Mapping
Advanced - Refraction & Reflection
Advanced - The Terrain Shader
Advanced - Terrain Shader Continued

Adding Natural & Environmental Elements

Using Particles pt. 1
Using Particles pt. 2
Advanced - Animating Particles & Particle Maps
Adding Fire/Fountains/Fog
Adding Volumetric Clouds

Animating a Scene

Working With Keyframes
Motion Paths
Using Physics & Behaviors
Advanced - Using the Timeline Graph Editor
Advanced - Camera Animation & Effects

Character Animation

Basic Rigging
Adding Bones
Motion Constraints & Inverse Kinematics For Organic Shapes
Influencing Bones With Weightmap Painting
Motion Constraints For Robots
Creating & Using Morph Targets

Importing Poser Files

Importing With Transposer & Poser Native Files


Best-methods For Rendering
Choosing a Render Engine
Rendering Still Images
Rendering Animations
Rendering With Global Illumination/Caustics/Ambient Occlusion/Irradiance maps
Batch Rendering & Network Rendering


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