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Cakewalk Sonar 4 Tutorial

Cakewalk Sonar 4 is a fully-integrated MIDI sequencer and multitrack audio recorder. Sonar's innovative surround sound, A/V capabilities and precision engineering tools make it the definitive audio production environment on the Windows platform. author, David Ludwig, begins the tutorial by covering the basics of Sonar installation, tweaking Windows XP for optimization, and exploring the interface. Learn to record, edit and mix within Sonar, take advantage of advanced automation techniques, create loops and groove clips, use software synthesizers, and see a project through from start to finish. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Cakewalk Sonar 4 lessons.

Introducing SONAR

Introducing SONAR
New Features pt. 1
New Features pt. 2

Under the Hood

Systems Check
Typical PC Configuration
Optimizing Audio Performance
MIDI Setup

Managing Audio Files

Housekeeping & Storage
Sample Rate & Bit Depth

Exploring SONAR

The Basics
Track Control
Colors and Layouts
Video Playback

Workflow - Breaking It Down

Setup & Recording
Editing & Mixdown
Sweetening pt. 1
Sweetening pt. 2
Mixing & Exporting


MIDI Recording Basics pt. 1
MIDI Recording Basics pt. 2
Audio Recording Basics pt. 1
Audio Recording Basics pt. 2
Sound Card Control & Metering Options
Recording Modes pt. 1
Recording Modes pt. 2
Loop Recording pt. 1
Loop Recording pt. 2


Getting Around pt. 1
Getting Around pt. 2
Track Folders & Track Manager
Snap & Nudge
Slip/Slide & Shift
Slip/Combine & Link
MIDI Editing pt. 1
MIDI Editing pt. 2
Comping 1 pt. 1
Comping 1 pt. 2
Comping 2 pt. 1
Comping 2 pt. 2


Mixing Console vs. Track View
On the BUS
Patching: Signal Flow
Volume & Pan 1 pt. 1
Volume & Pan 1 pt. 2
Volume & Pan 2
Envelopes pt. 1
Envelopes pt. 2
Audio Processing pt. 1
Audio Processing pt. 2
FX: EQ pt. 1
FX: EQ pt. 2
FX: Compression pt. 1
FX: Compression pt. 2
FX: Delay/Chorus/Flange/Phase
FX: Reverb
FX: Time & Pitch
FX: The Sims - Amp & Tape pt. 1
FX: The Sims - Amp & Tape pt. 2
Exporting 1 pt. 1
Exporting 1 pt. 2
Exporting 2

Loops & Groove Clips

Loop Construction View pt. 1
Loop Construction View pt. 2
Groove Clips pt. 1
Groove Clips pt. 2
Groove Clips pt. 3

Software Synthesizers

Insert A DXI Synth & Route MIDI To It
Cakewalk TTS-1


Automation Basics
Fader & Control Movements
Drawing/Editing Envelopes

Surround Sound

Surround 1 pt. 1
Surround 1 pt. 2
Surround 2 pt. 1
Surround 2 pt. 2

Workflow - The Wa CD

The List & The Process
Working With Drums: Slow Groove pt. 1
Working With Drums: Slow Groove pt. 2
Working With Drums: The Girl pt. 1
Working With Drums: The Girl pt. 2
More Drums: Fruity Loops pt. 1
More Drums: Fruity Loops pt. 2
Working With Vocals: I Told You pt. 1
Working With Vocals: I Told You pt. 2
More Vocals pt. 1
More Vocals pt. 2
Final Sweetening & Mixing pt. 1
Final Sweetening & Mixing pt. 2
Next Steps


In Conclusion


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