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Cakewalk SONAR 6 Producer Edition Tutorial

Cakewalk SONAR 6 Producer Edition is a professional-level digital audio workstation (DAW) with virtually unlimited potential. It is a very popular choice among producers, engineers, and artists who create music in software-driven recording studios that range from spare bedrooms to larger commercial studios. The question is how to learn SONAR so you can maximize your creativity and productivity while focusing on making great music. This tutorial, by freelance Audio Engineer and Producer Robert Correll, shows you the fundamentals of working in SONAR. You’ll learn how to record, edit, mix, and produce high-quality music and audio in SONAR. The topics range from installation to using the various interface elements, from creating tracks to editing audio clips, recording, mixing, MIDI, automation, plug-ins, effects and more. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Cakewalk SONAR 6 Producer Edition movie links.

Getting Started

Installing SONAR pt. 1
Installing SONAR pt. 2
The Big Picture

Touring The SONAR Interface

The SONAR Workspace
The Menus
Track List View
Piano Roll
Console View
Synth Rack
Tranport Controls
Level Meters

Voiceover Project

Creating the Project
Recording Vocals

Working with Projects

Creating New Projects
Opening / Closing and Saving Projects
Working with Project Files
Setting Project Time / Tempo and Key
Bit Depth and Sample Rate
Importing Audio and Video or MIDI
Undo and History
Exporting or Bouncing

Working with Tracks

Creating / Selecting and Naming Tracks
Moving and Hiding Tracks
Cloning and Deleting Tracks
Changing Track Sizes
Working with Track Folders
Grouping Tracks
Working with the Track Manager
Zooming In and Out
Viewing Buses
Viewing Video
Volume / Pan and Other Controls
Soloing / Muting and Arming
Freezing Tracks
Using the Track Inspector
Using Track Templates
Changing Track Properties
Bouncing Tracks

Editing Clips

Selecting Clips
Copying / Pasting and Deleting
Moving and Nudging
Setting Snap Properties
Using Track Layers
Splitting Clips
Creating and Editing Fades
Looping Clips
Changing Clip Properties
Locking and Muting Clips
Inserting Clip Effects
Bouncing Clips

Playback and Recording

Driver Options and Latency
Setting Now
Using the Time Ruler
Playing / Stopping and Rewinding
Looping Playback
Setting Markers
Using the Metronome
Selecting Track Inputs
Using the Large Transport
Punching In
Loop Recording
Performance Tips

The Console View

Working with Tracks and Buses
Selecting Inputs and Outputs
Track and Bus Controls
Grouping Tracks and Buses
Adding Audio FX Inserts
Adding Sends
Using the Console EQ

Plug-ins and Effects

Bundled Plug-ins
Installing 3rd Party Plug-ins
Managing Plug-ins
Compression and Limiting
Expansion and Gating
Flange and Chorus Effects
Reverb and Delay
Other Plug-ins and Effects

MIDI and Soft Synths

MIDI Overview
Importing and Looping MIDI
Composing MIDI in the Piano Roll
Working in Staff View
Recording MIDI
Using Synths
MIDI Effects


Working with Envelopes
Creating and Editing Nodes
Recording Automation

Wrap Up

Concluding Remarks


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