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C Programming 2007 Tutorial

The C Programming Language is the foundation of nearly all modern computer languages. C is a “low level” simple language that can be used to create the most elegant of applications and operating systems. Most of today’s commercial applications and operating systems have the C language at their core. author Tim Heagarty explains the history and mechanics of the language and gives practical advice on its use in the commercial world. To begin learning simply click the links.

Introducing C

Short History of C
C on Windows
Testing Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition
C on Linux
Testing GNU CPP
What a Compiler Is

First Steps

Hello World
Entering The Program Pt.1
Entering The Program Pt.2
Compile & Run
Examine Each Line
First Program Assignment
First Program Answer

Types/Operators & Expressions

Types/Operators & Expressions
Variable Names
Data Types & Sizes
Arithmetic Operators
Relational & Logical Operators Pt.1
Relational & Logical Operators Pt.2
Type Conversions
Increment & decrement Operators
Bitwise Operators
Assignment Operators & Expressions
Conditional Expressions
Precedence & Order of Evaluations

Control Flow

Control Flow
Statements & Blocks
Else-If Pt.1
Else-If Pt.2
Loops - While
Loops - For
Loops - Do-While
Break & Continue
Goto & Labels

Functions & Program Structure

Functions & Program Structure
Basics of Functions Pt.1
Basics of Functions Pt.1
Functions Returning Non-integers
External Variables
Scope Rules
Header Files
Static Variables Pt.1
Static Variables Pt.2
Register Variables
Block Structure
The C Preprocessor

Pointers & Arrays

Pointers & Arrays
Pointers & Addresses Pt.1
Pointers & Addresses Pt.2
Pointers & Function Arguments
Pointers & Arrays
Address Arithmetic
Character Pointers & Functions
Pointer Arrays/Pointers to Pointers
Multi-dimensional Arrays
Initialization of Pointer Arrays
Pointers vs. Multi-dimensional Arrays
Command-line Arguments
Pointers to Functions
Complicated Declarations


Basics of Structures Pt.1
Basics of Structures Pt.2
Structures & Functions
Arrays of Structures
Pointers to Structures

Input & Output

Input & Output
Standard Input & Output
Formatted Output-Printf Pt.1
Formatted Output-Printf Pt.2
Variable Length Argument Lists
Formatted Input Scanf
File Access
Error Handling Stderr & Exit
Line Input & Output
Miscellaneous Functions

Using C on the Web

Using C on the WWW With CGI
Basics of CGI Pt.1
Basics of CGI Pt.2
Preparing For C & CGI Pt.1
Preparing For C & CGI Pt.2
Hello World on CGI
Functions For C on WWW
Writing A Form For CGI Pt.1
Writing A Form For CGI Pt.2
Writing A Form For CGI Pt.3
Display & Use Environment Vars Pt.1
Display & Use Environment Vars Pt.2

The UNIX System Interface

The UNIX System Interface
Low Level I/O Read & Write
Random Access Lseek

Input & Output

Input & Output Pt.1
Input & Output Pt.2
File I/O & Character I/O
Direct I/O & Error Handling
Character Class Tests
String Functions Pt.1
String Functions Pt.2
Math & Utility &
Diagnostics/Arg Lists & Signals Pt.1
Diagnostics/Arg Lists & Signals Pt.2
Date & Time Functions Pt.1
Date & Time Functions Pt.2
Defined Limits &




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