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CISSP Tutorial

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional credential is one of the most sought after security management certifications in the profession. The CISSP certification separates the novices from the seasoned security professionals. This VTC title will help prepare you for what may be the toughest six hours of your IT security career – The CISSP exam. author Bobby Rogers will give you the key information you need to prepare for this challenging exam and increase your worth as a certified security professional. To begin learning simply click on the links.

Introduction & Course Outline

Course Outline

Access Control

Access Control Concepts
Types of Access Control
Access Control Models
Authentication Methods
Access Control Systems & Administration
Access Control Attacks

Telecommunications & Network Security

Network Protocols
The OSI Model
Networking Topologies
Network Transmission Media
Network Security Devices
Remote Access Protocols & Technologies
Network Security Weaknesses & Countermeasures
Wireless Security

Security & Risk Management

Security Goals & Tenets
Security Management Roles & Responsibilities
Security Policies & Procedures
Security Classification
Introduction to Risk
Risk Assessment
Risk Analysis
Risk Management

Applications Security

Introduction to Application Security
Systems Development Life Cycle
Programming Languages & Techniques
Database Security
Application Threats


Basics of Cryptography
Cryptography Definitions
Encryption Algorithms
Symmetric & Asymmetric Cryptography
Public Key Infrastructure
Cryptographic Key Management
Cryptographic Threats
Cryptographic Protocols & Applications
Cryptography Demonstration

Security Architecture & Design

Security Models
System Components
Security Architecture
Security Evaluation Criteria
System Certification & Accreditation

Operations Security

Operational Security Controls
Personnel Security
Media Security
Configuration Management
Security Awareness & Training


Introduction to DRP & BCP
Organization & Contingency Planning
Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
Contingency Operations
Plan Testing & Implementation

Law, Investigation & Ethics

Introduction to Cyberlaw
Privacy Laws
Intellectual Property
Criminal Law
Administrative/Regulatory Laws
Legal Liability & Ethical Practices
Cyber Crime Investigations

Physical Security

Fire Safety
Facility Security Pt.1
Facility Security Pt.2
Environmental Security

After the Exam

The CISSP Exam
Preparing your CISSP Resume
After the CISSP
Wrap Up

About the Author

About the Author

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