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Blogging Tutorial

Blogging! Although in 1999 there were fewer than 100 weblogs known to be in existence, nowadays one is hard-pressed to miss a blog anywhere on the Internet. In this VTC tutorial, master instructor, Tim Warner, presents a comprehensive introduction to the world of blogging. From the history of blogging, to an overview of relevant terminology, to an in-depth consideration of three major blog-creation services, Warner leaves no stone unturned and focuses his instruction on learners of all ability levels. By the conclusion of these lessons the learner will be fully equipped to enter the blogosphere and join the enlightened league of webloggers! To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Blogging lessons.

How Blogging Works

Course Introduction
About the Course Files
What is a Blog?
Touring Some Weblogs

How Blogger Works

What is Blogger?
A Brief History of Blogger.com
A Tour of Blogger.com

Creating Your Blogger Account

Account/Blog Creation pt. 1
Account/Blog Creation pt. 2
Account/Blog Creation pt. 3
Logging In and Out
Touring the Dashboard
Creating Additional Blogs
Deleting a Blog

Getting Help with Blogger

Using Blogger Help pt. 1
Using Blogger Help pt. 2
Submitting a Tech Support Request

Configuring Your Blog Settings

Configuring Basic Settings
Configuring Formatting Settings pt. 1
Configuring Formatting Settings pt. 2
Managing Your User Profile
Browsing Other User Profiles

Blog Hosting Options

Hosting Options
Publishing on BlogSpot
Publishing with FTP pt. 1
Publishing with FTP pt. 2
Switching Hosting Options

Creating Posts in Blogger

Using the Post Editor pt. 1
Using the Post Editor pt. 2
Using the Post Editor pt. 3
Creating Hyperlinks in Posts
Managing Draft Posts
Editing/Deleting Posts
Using Mail-to-Blogger
Using the BlogThis Button
Using AudioBlogger
Using Blogger Mobile

Working with Images

Image-Posting Options
Using Hello BloggerBot pt. 1
Using Hello BloggerBot pt. 2
Posting Images by Using Flickr pt. 1
Posting Images by Using Flickr pt. 2
Posting Images by Using Flickr pt. 3
Using the Upload File Button pt. 1
Using the Upload File Button pt. 2
Posting Images by Using HTML

Managing Blog Comments

Configuring Comment Options
Leaving Comments
Viewing Comments
Managing Your Blog Comments
Third-Party Commenting Tools

Managing Blog Archiving

Configuring Archiving Options
Archiving in Action
Searching Blog Archives

Syndicating Your Blog

What are Site Feeds?
Enabling an Atom Site Feed pt. 1
Enabling an Atom Site Feed pt. 2
Enabling an RSS Site Feed pt. 1
Enabling an RSS Site Feed pt. 2
Using RSS Aggregators pt. 1
Using RSS Aggregators pt. 2
Using RSS Aggregators pt. 3
Using RSS Aggregators pt. 4
Getting Indexed pt. 1
Getting Indexed pt. 2
Using Permalinks
Using the BlogSend Address
E-Mail Post Links
Implementing Trackback pt. 1
Implementing Trackback pt. 2
Implementing Trackback pt. 3

Team Blogging

Intro to Team Blogs
Creating a Team Blog pt. 1
Creating a Team Blog pt. 2
Administering a Team Blog

Customizing Blogger

Modifying the Blogger NavBar
Picking a New Template
How Blogger Templates Work
Editing the Template pt. 1
Editing the Template pt. 2
Applying Third-Party Templates pt. 1
Applying Third-Party Templates pt. 2
Creating a Blogroll pt. 1
Creating a Blogroll pt. 2
Using Post Templates

Other Blogging Packages

Movable Type
Radio Userland

Introduction to Movable Type

Touring the Web Site
Downloading the Software
Initial Setup

Installing Movable Type

Editing MT.CFG pt. 1
Editing MT.CFG pt. 2
Uploading Content Files
Setting Permissions
Running Perl Scripts pt. 1
Running Perl Scripts pt. 2

Configuring Movable Type

Initial Login
Basic Weblog Config pt. 1
Basic Weblog Config pt .2
Basic Weblog Config pt .3

Using Movable Type

Creating Categories
Creating an Entry pt. 1
Creating an Entry pt. 2
Managing Entries
Managing Comments pt. 1
Managing Comments pt. 2

Introduction to WordPress

Touring the Web Site
Downloading the Software
Initial Requirements

Installing WordPress

Editing wp-config.php
Running install.php
Changing Your Password

Configuring WordPress

General Config pt. 1
General Config pt. 2
Creating Categories
Creating Users pt. 1
Creating Users pt. 2

Using WordPress

Creating a Post pt. 1
Creating a Post pt. 2
Multi-User Posting
Password-Protecting Posts
Managing Posts
Managing Comments pt. 1
Managing Comments pt. 2
Managing Comments pt. 3
Managing Comments pt. 4

Customizing WordPress

Managing the Blogroll
Managing Links
Using Themes pt. 1
Using Themes pt. 2
Using Themes pt. 3
Using Plugins pt. 1
Using Plugins pt. 2
Using Plugins pt. 3
RSS/Atom Syndication pt. 1
RSS/Atom Syndication pt. 2


Course Wrap-Up
About the Author

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