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Avid Pro Tools 9 Tutorial

VTC's Avid Pro Tools 9 course introduces the new and exciting features in this latest release of the audio recording and music production powerhouse. The biggest advancement of this newest release is the ability to use Pro Tools with any audio hardware. Many other features formerly only available within Pro Tools HD and other expensive add-ons now come standard including MP3 export, OMF/AAF compatibility, and automatic delay compensation. Ben Harris covers everything from these new advanced features to the process of creating a new session. Whether you are a novice or seasoned professional, you will find this course both insightful and entertaining. To begin learning now, click on the movie links below.


Introduction to Pro Tools 9
New in Pro Tools 9

Pro Tools Layout

Menus pt. 1
Menus pt. 2
Slip Edit Mode
Shuffle Edit Mode
Spot Edit Mode
Grid Edit Mode
Relative Grid Edit Mode
Other Edit Modes
Zoom Functions pt. 1
Zoom Functions pt. 2
Zoom Toggle
Zoom Tool
Trim Tool
Grabber Tool
Selector / Smart Tool
Scrub Tool
Pencil Tool
Tools for MIDI
Timeline Function Options
Timeline / Rulers
Timeline Navigation
Counters / Transport
Track Show / Hide
Groups View
Regions List
Keyboard Focus Modes


Edit Window
Mix Window
Transport Window
Additional Windows
Workspace & Digibase Browsers
Catalogs & Loops
Task Manager & Re-Linking Files
Windows Configurations

Customize Your View

Edit Views
Mix Views
Other View Options
Color Palette
Regions List Features pt. 1
Regions List Features pt. 2

Importing / Saving / Creating

Creating a New Session
Creating a New Track
Opening a Session Template
Creating a Session Template
Importing Audio
Importing MIDI
Importing Movies
Importing Session Data
Saving Options
Exporting OMF/AAF

Setups & System Optimization

Hardware Setup
Playback Engine
Disk Allocation
I/O Setup pt. 1
I/O Setup pt. 2
I/O Setup pt. 3
I/O Setup pt. 4
Preferences pt. 1
Preferences pt. 2
Preferences pt. 3

Basic MIDI Features

MIDI Setup (Studio / Filters / Devices)
Creating a MIDI-Based Session
MIDI Recording
MIDI Track Views
MIDI Editor Window
MIDI Editor-Score Editor
MIDI Editing
MIDI Loop Recording (MIDI Merge)
MIDI Loop Recording (Loop Rec)
Timescales (Sample vs. Tick)
Timescales Example 2

Time / Tempo Operations

Time Operations pt. 1
Time Operations pt. 2
Tempo Operations pt. 1
Tempo Operations pt. 2
Tempo Track

MIDI / Event Operations

Change Velocity & Duration
Select / Split Notes
Input Quantize
Step Input
Restore & Flatten Performance
Real-Time Properties
MIDI Event List & Track Offsets

Virtual Instruments

Mini Grand
Vacuum Synthesizer
Structure Free

Audio Recording

Recording Audio & Monitoring Latency
Loop Recording Audio
Pre/Post Roll & Count-off
Quick Punch Recording
Destructive Recording

Audio Editing

Audio Editing Basics
Separating Regions
Healing & Consolidating
Fades & Crossfades
Edit Groups
Tab & Nudge
Playlist Editing
Sync Points / Shift / Spot
Strip Silence

Elastic Audio / Beat Detective

Elastic Audio Basics pt. 1
Elastic Audio Basics pt. 2
Quantizing Audio
Beat Detective pt. 1
Beat Detective pt. 2
Collection Mode
Groove Template Extraction

Loop-Based Music Production

Creating a Loop-Based Project
Working with Regions
Changing the Pitch of Regions
Grouping Regions
Conforming Tempo
Identify Beat

Mixing Basics

Signal Flow & Routing
Leveling & Distortion
Auxiliary Sends & Returns
Other Send Features
Mix Groups
Master Faders

Virtual Processor Plug-ins

Equalization Plug-ins
Dynamics Plug-ins
Reverb Plug-ins
Delay Plug-ins
Modulation Plug-ins
Harmonic Plug-ins
Audio Suite


Automation pt. 1
Automation pt. 2
Volume Trim Automation
Plug-in & Other Automation
Other Automation Aspects

Mixdown / Bouncing

Automatic Delay Compensation pt. 1
Automatic Delay Compensation pt. 2
Bounce to Disk pt. 1
Bounce to Disk pt. 2
Internal Layback
Mastering in Pro Tools pt. 1
Mastering in Pro Tools pt. 2


Wrap Up


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