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Autodesk Revit MEP 2010 Tutorial

Autodesk Revit MEP software's modeling and layout tools enable you to create mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems more accurately and with greater ease. Architects, structural engineers, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers can more effectively collaborate and interact based on workflow and project requirements. author, Temesgen Hussein, introduces viewers to the MEP engineering workflow, initially demonstrating how to effectively modify views and execute common tasks. Learn how to add mechanical equipment, create piping systems, automatically and manually layout and inspect piping, add valves, define required lighting, create color fills, place light fixtures and much, much more. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Training Files Setup
Modifying the View
Common Tasks

Starting MEP Projects

Creating MEP Project pt. 1
Creating MEP Project pt. 2
Linking Projects
View Templates

Modifying System Settings

General System Options
File Locations
Spelling Options
Snap Settings

Planning Mechanical Systems

Preparing Spaces
Placing Spaces
Spaces in Open Areas
Multi-Level Spaces
Zones in the System Browser
Zones on a Single Level
Zones on Multiple Levels
Analytical Models
Heating & Cooling Loads
Zone Color Schemes
Airflow Schedules

Designing Mechanical Air Systems

Hosted Air Terminals
Non-Hosted Air Terminals
Secondary Supply Air Systems
Manually Creating Ductwork

Designing Mechanical Piping Systems

Adding Mechanical Equipment
Creating Piping Systems
Adding Pipes Using Auto Layout
Adding Pipes Using Manual Layout
Adding Valves
Sizing Pipes
Inspecting the System
Checking Piping Systems

Planning Electrical Systems

Specifying Electrical Systems
Defining Required Lighting
Color Fills & Schedules

Designing Electrical Systems

Lighting Fixtures
IES Data
Switches / Junction Boxes & Receptacles
Lighting Circuits with Wire
Lighting Circuits without Wire pt. 1
Lighting Circuits without Wire pt. 2
Creating Switch Systems
Power Loads
Balancing Wire Size-n-Breaker Svcs
Panel Schedules
Checking Your Design

Plumbing Systems

Plumbing & Piping Systems
Sanitary Plumbing Fixtures
Sanitary Systems
Adding Sinks to Sanitary Systems pt. 1
Adding Sinks to Sanitary Systems pt. 2
Refining Sanitary Stacks
Cold Water Systems
Hot Water Systems

Planning Fire Protection Systems

Specifying Pipe Settings
Determining Zone Requirements
Sprinkler Design Schedules pt. 1
Sprinkler Design Schedules pt. 2

Designing Fire Protection Systems

Adding Sprinklers
Creating Piping Systems
Fire Protection Wet Systems
Vertical Supply Piping
Pipe Diameters

Creating Documentation Views

Duplicating Plan Views
Creating Dependent Views
Creating Plumbing Isometric Risers
Creating Callout Views

Annotations & Dimensions

Creating Annotations
Creating Dimensions
Creating a Legend


Model-Based Riser Diagram Details
Creating Detail Wiring pt. 1
Creating Detail Wiring pt. 2
Model-Based Isometric Details
Drafting Detail Components pt. 1
Drafting Detail Components pt. 2
Importing CAD Drawings

Revit MEP Families

Fan Families pt. 1
Fan Families pt. 2
Fan Powered VAV Box Families pt. 1
Fan Powered VAV Box Families pt. 2
Electrical Equipment Families pt. 1
Electrical Equipment Families pt. 2
Toilet Families
Light Fixture Tag Families
Light Fixture Families pt. 1
Light Fixture Families pt. 2
Flange Families pt. 1
Flange Families pt. 2
Flange Families pt. 3
Elbow Pipe Fitting Families pt. 1
Elbow Pipe Fitting Families pt. 2
Elbow Pipe Fitting Families pt. 3
Elbow Pipe Fitting Families pt. 4
Elbow Pipe Fitting Families pt. 5
Annotation Symbol Families


Author Bio

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