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Autodesk AutoCAD: Dynamic Blocks and Tool Palettes Tutorial

Autodesk AutoCAD is the world’s most widely used Computer Aided Design (CAD) package. AutoCAD has many new software features that make using Dynamic Blocks and Tool Palettes so much easier. With all your everyday blocks and commands on a palette, you will be more efficient in your work. This intermediate level course provides you with the skills needed to develop your AutoCAD knowledge to an expert level, giving you the ability to create Dynamic Blocks and Tool Palettes, impressing your customers and colleagues! To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links. NOTE: Dynamic Blocks are only available in full versions of AutoCAD from AutoCAD 2006 and above. They are supported in AutoCAD LT2006 but can’t be created. Dynamic Blocks are fully available in both AutoCAD 2007 and AutoCAD LT2007 and all subsequent versions of AutoCAD thereafter).


What is a Dynamic Block?
What is a Tool Palette?

Using Standard Blocks

Creating a Standard Block
Using DWGs to Store Blocks
Copying Blocks from DWGs
Copy with Base Point
Paste as a Block
AutoCAD DesignCenter
Sample Blocks Provided with AutoCAD

Using Dynamic Blocks

Dynamic Blocks - Overview
The Block Editor
Using the Block Editor pt. 1
Using the Block Editor pt. 2
Exercise: Using Dynamic Blocks
Exercise: Using the Block Editor pt. 1
Exercise: Using the Block Editor pt. 2

Dynamic Blocks - Parameters

Parameters - Overview
Adding Parameters pt. 1
Adding Parameters pt. 2
Exercise: Adding Parameters pt. 1
Exercise: Adding Parameters pt. 2

Dynamic Blocks - Actions

Actions - Overview
Adding Actions
Exercise: Adding Actions pt. 1
Exercise: Adding Actions pt. 2

Dynamic Blocks - Parameter Sets

Parameter Sets - Overview
Exercise: Using Parameter Sets pt. 1
Exercise: Using Parameter Sets pt. 2

Dynamic Blocks - Visibility States

Visibility States - Overview
Exercise: Bathroom Sink pt. 1
Exercise: Bathroom Sink pt. 2
Exercise: Conference Table

Dynamic Blocks - Rotation & Flip Parameters

Rotation & Flip - Overview
Using Rotation & Flip
Exercise: Valve pt. 1
Exercise: Valve pt. 2
Exercise: Workstation

Dynamic Blocks - Roundup

Combining Parameters & Actions
Exercise: Door pt. 1
Exercise: Door pt. 2
Exercise: Bathtub

Tool Palettes - DesignCenter

AutoCAD DesignCenter - Overview
Using DesignCenter
Finding Blocks with DesignCenter
Insertion Scale
Inserting Blocks
Creating Tool Palettes

Tool Palettes - Setting Up

Custom Tool Palettes - Overview
Options & Properties pt. 1
Options & Properties pt. 2
Exercise: Blocks on a Palette
Exercise: Styles on a Palette
Exercise: Hatches on a Palette
Exercise: DWGs on a Palette

Tool Palettes - Adding Blocks & Groups

Blocks on to Palettes - Overview
Exercise: New Block Palette
Exercise: Drag & Drop
Exercise: Properties & Scaling
Exercise: Palette Properties
Exercise: New Palette Group

Tool Palettes - Import/Export

Import/Export - Overview
Exercise: Exporting a Tool Palette
Exercise: Importing a Tool Palette
Exercise: Exporting a Palette Group
Exercise: Importing a Palette Group

Tool Palettes - Management

Palettes on a Network - Overview
Exercise: Sharing Palettes
Palettes & Paths
Flyout Tools
Modifying Command Tools pt. 1
Modifying Command Tools pt. 2
Locking Tool Palette Content


Project - Introduction
Exercise 1 - Dynamic Block
Exercise 2 - DesignCenter
Exercise 3 - Create Tool Palette
Exercise 4 - Palette Properties
Exercise 5 - Text & Separators
Exercise 6 - Create Palette Group
Exercise 7 - Insert Block from Palette
Exercise 8 - Exporting Your Palette
Exercise 9 - Importing Your Palette

Conclusion & Credits

Wrap Up
About the Author

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