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Autodesk AutoCAD 2009: Certified Associate Tutorial

AutoCAD 2009, written by software vendor Autodesk, is the world’s most widely used Computer Aided Design (CAD) package. It lets you design, visualize and communicate your ideas with ease and efficiency. Led by Shaun Bryant, this course provides viewers with the basic essentials needed to take and pass the AutoCAD 2009 Certified Associate exam. To begin learning today, simply click on the links.


Getting Started with Autodesk Certification
What Do You Need to Do?

AutoCAD 2009

Keyboard Input
User Interface
Shortcut Menus
Specific Interface Tools
Working with Files pt. 1
Working with Files pt. 2
Displaying Objects

Basic Drawing Skills

Inputting Data pt. 1
Inputting Data pt. 2
Inputting Data pt. 3
Inputting Data pt. 4
Creating Basic Objects pt. 1
Creating Basic Objects pt. 2
Creating Basic Objects pt. 3
Object Snaps
Polar & PolarSnap
Object Snap Tracking

Working with Objects

Selecting Objects
Moving Objects
Copying Objects
Rotating Objects
Mirroring Objects
Creating Arrays
Scaling Objects

Organization & Inquiry

Using Layers pt. 1
Using Layers pt. 2
Object Properties
Quick Properties
Matching Object Properties
Inquiry Commands

Altering Objects

Trim & Extend
Parallel & Offset Geometry pt. 1
Parallel & Offset Geometry pt. 2
Joining Objects
Breaking Objects
Fillets pt. 1
Fillets pt. 2
Stretching Objects

Working with Layouts

Using Layouts
Using Viewports


Multiline Text (MTEXT)
Single Line Text (DTEXT) pt. 1
Single Line Text (DTEXT) pt. 2
Editing Text
Using Text Styles


Creating Dimensions pt. 1
Creating Dimensions pt. 2
Using Dimension Styles pt. 1
Using Dimension Styles pt. 2
Editing Dimensions
Using Multileaders


Hatching Objects
Fills & Gradients
Editing Hatch Objects

Reusable Content

Using Blocks
Tool Palettes
Using Tool Palettes

Additional Drawing Objects


Plotting Drawings

Page Setups
Plotting Drawings
Viewing DWF Files

Drawing Templates (DWT)

Drawing Templates pt. 1
Drawing Templates pt. 2

Wrap Up

What was Covered / Final Thoughts
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