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Autodesk AutoCAD 2007 for Architects Tutorial

AutoCAD® is the most popular software for Architectural drawing and design visualization. This practical "how to" course by Ivanhoe Tejeda builds on the skills of beginning AutoCAD® users who want to learn advanced 2D commands, 3D modeling commands, and rendering techniques. The tutorial begins with examples of construction drawings and continues with the modeling and rendering of a residential project. The title also introduces the use of Adobe software to create an architectural portfolio. AutoCAD® drawing files and Adobe files are provided at every step to assist the user in the learning process. To begin learning AutoCAD® 2007 today, simply click on the movie links.

* Captions not available on CD version.


Introduction to AutoCAD 2007
Review the AutoCAD 2007 GUI
From AutoCAD to Adobe Files
Architectural Firms & AutoCAD

CAD Drawings

2D Drawings & SF Chart
Externally Referenced Files
Printing a Drawing File
Introducing Illustrator
Introducing Photoshop

Drawing Tips

Blocks & Wblocks
Clipboard Tips
Intro to DesignCenter
Intro to Tool Palettes

External References

External Reference Defined
Insert an XREF
XCLIP Command pt. 1
XCLIP Command pt. 2
XREF Manager
Editing an XREF
When to Use External References

External Reference Example

Existing Architectural Sheet
Reflected Ceiling Plan pt. 1
Reflected Ceiling Plan pt. 2
Sub for an XREF & Visretain

Creating the Working Drawings

Construction Lines
Layers & Draw Order
Hatch Elevations
The Architectural Sheet
Viewports & Titles
Create a Dimension Style
Draw & Edit Dimensions
Create New Dimension Styles
Leaders & More

Inside the Working Drawings

The Working Drawings
Revision Cloud
Maximize & Lock Viewports
Using an Attribute Block
Creating an Attribute Block
Elevation Marker & Quick Tips
Selecting Objects pt. 1
Selecting Objects pt. 2
Cycle & Quick Select


Plotting a Drawing Overview
Create a Monochrome Plot Style
Create a Color Plot Style
Combined Styles & Color Books
Plotting an EPS File
Plotting a PDF Document

Dynamic Blocks

Dynamic Blocks & the Editor
Creating a Dynamic Block pt. 1
Creating a Dynamic Block pt. 2
North Arrow Dynamic Block
Creating a Visibility Parameter
Creating an Alignment Parameter
Attributes & Visibility State

Intro to 3D

3D Architectural Models
3D Orbit
Naming & Saving a View & UCS
Creating a 3D Wine Glass Surface
Rotating a 3D Wine Glass in 3D Space
Revolving a Surface & Solid

Intro to 3D Solids

3D Sofa pt. 1
3D Sofa pt. 2
3D Sofa More Commands
Completing the 3D Sofa

The 3D Exterior Model

Starting the New 3D Drawing File
Creating the Walls pt. 1
Creating the Walls pt. 2
Xref the Elevations & 3D Rotate
Xref the Elevations & UCS
Pushpull the Openings in the Walls
Box the Openings in the Walls
Extrude Union & Subtract Openings
Box & Polysolid the Windows
Completing the Window
Copy & Rotate 3D Objects
Using CTRL to Manipulate 3D Objects
Dynamic UCS & 3D Openings
Door Frames Using Path
Creating & Slicing the Roof
Slicing 3D Solids
Rotating the UCS & Slicing
Review & Drawing of the 3D Model
Interference Command
Creating Gutters & Downspouts
Completing the Exterior Model

3D Interior Model

Interior Walls
Interference & Interior Walls
Point Filters pt. 1
Point Filters pt. 2
External Reference Options pt. 1
External Reference Options pt. 2
Door & Window Frames pt. 1
Door & Window Frames pt. 2
Door & Window Frames Copy Faces
3D Commands & Bifold Doors
Creating 3D Cabinets
Completing the 3D Counter
Completing the 3D Cabinet Doors
Inserting & Modifying 3D Objects
Ruled Mesh & Curtains

Perspective Views

Creating a Perspective View
Saving a Perspective View
The Camera Command
MS Viewports & Camera
Presentation Drawing pt. 1
Presentation Drawing pt. 2
Clipping a Viewport

Rendering Models

Intro to Rendering
The Materials Window
Applying Materials & Rendering Settings
Adding Lights Point Light
Adding Lights Spot Light
Adding Lights Distant Light & Sun
Creating Materials Paint Color
Creating Materials Select Image
Creating Materials Artwork
The 3D Project

AutoCAD & Adobe Software

Color Correcting a Rendered Image with Photoshop
A Sample EPS File & Illustrator
A Sample EPS File & Photoshop
Using Raster Images Image Size & Resolution
Using Raster Images Calculating DPI
Illustrator & 2D Architectural Graphics
Combining Architectural Graphics with Illustrator
Illustrator & Effects
Photoshop & 2D Architectural Graphics
Photoshop & Effects
Composing the Presentation Files in Illustrator
Tips Regarding the Presentation Files pt. 1
Tips Regarding the Presentation Files pt. 2
Printing the Presentation Files as PDF Documents
Creating a Single Multi-Page PDF Portfolio


Final Words Regarding AutoCAD


Thank You


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