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Authorware 6 Tutorial

Macromedia Authorware 6 is the leading authoring tool for creating e-learning, interactive web-based tutorials, and sophisticated simulations for the web, CDs, or corporate networks. Authorware allows you to include text, sound, video, and animation. You can track user response and results and your investment return. Learn how to make Authorware 6 work for you with Virtual Training Company's tutorial. Colin Webster covers everything from using icons and variables to how to use Authorware with QuickTime and Flash. Among the many topics you will learn are interactions, framework menus, developing quizzes, importing text, and using images. Start right away by clicking one of the titles below.


Intro to Authorware 6

Using icons

Building an Intro Piece
Applying Transitions
Media Synchronisation


Key press
Text Styles
Tries Limit
Text Entry
Time Limit
Target Area & Motion Icon Part 1
Target Area & Motion Icon Part 2
Target Area & Motion Icon Part 3
Conditional & Line Clicked
Pull-down Menu
Perpetual Interactions

Decisions, Variables & Functions

Decision Icon
Displaying Scores
Creating & Displaying Variables
Variables and Branching
Test Function


Judged Responses
Judged Interactions


Custom Buttons
Framework Menus
Navigate Icons
Framework and Quitting
Active If & Variables


One Button Publishing

Knowledge Objects

Win Controls

Using Text

Hot text
Read, Open & Print Text
RTF Objects Editor

Using Images

Images & Variables
External Media Browser
Libraries & JumpFileReturn Pt 1
Libraries & JumpFileReturn Pt 2

Using AVI Video

Knowledge Object
Media Seek & Pause
Custom Frames
Using a Slidebar

Using QT Video

QuickTime Extra
Set & GetSpriteProperty
Sprite Rotation

Using Flash

Sending Variables to Flash
Receiving variables from Flash
Flash Navigation
Using active X Pt 1
Using active X Pt 2
Event Responses

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