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Audio Mixing Essentials Tutorial

VTC's Audio Mixing Essentials is an advanced course on the often mysterious art of audio mixing. Instead of showing you how to open an equalizer plug-in in a specific program, this tutorial will show you how to use an equalizer (in any program) in order to improve the sound of your next mix. This course first discusses the mixing process and then uses two mixing examples to demonstrate mixing from start to finish (“This Too Shall Pass” by Mile High Chapter and “Night Train To Cairo” by Scot). The mixing of the second project is done in work files and referenced in the course so that they have no narration in order to place more attention on the audio adjustments being made. This course will give any novice recording engineer the tools, techniques, and knowledge to effectively mix professional sounding projects. To begin learning, simply click on one of the movie topics.


Course Structure

Purpose of Mixing

Delivering Stereo Tracks
Mix Perspective
Thickening Up
Thinning Out

Listening & Examples (Ear Training)

Developing a Professional Ear pt. 1
Developing a Professional Ear pt. 2
Developing a Professional Ear pt. 3
Clarity in Mixing
Mixing Styles

How We Hear

Amplitude & Frequency
Dynamics-Average vs. Peak
Frequency Masking
Fletcher/Munson Curve
Loud vs. Soft Mixing

Preparing to Mix

Finalizing Editing
Turning MIDI Tracks Into Audio
Consolidating Tracks pt. 1
Consolidating Tracks pt. 2
Phase Aligning Drum Tracks pt. 1
Phase Aligning Drum Tracks pt. 2
Exporting Tracks for Mixing-Pro Tools
Exporting Tracks for Mixing-Garage Band
Exporting Tracks for Mixing-Logic
Importing Tracks for Mixing

Setting Up the Mix

Setting Up the Mixing Session
Signal Flow & Routing
Auxiliary Send & Return pt. 1
Auxiliary Send & Return pt. 2
Masters pt. 1
Masters pt. 2


Gain Structure
Master Fader Management
Level Mix pt. 1
Level Mix pt. 2


Panning Basics
Pan Mix pt. 1
Pan Mix pt. 2
Panning Effects pt. 1
Panning Effects pt. 2
Panning Automation

Stereo Effects

Making Mono Stereo
True Stereo Elements
Double Tracking


Dynamics Basics 1
Dynamics Basics 2
Compression-Drums pt. 1
Compression-Drums pt. 2
Compression-Vocals 1
Compression-Vocals 2
Gating Effects
Side Chain-Ducking
Side Chain-Drums
De-essing Vocals


Equalization Basics
Make Tracks Sound Better
Telephone Effect
Closed Door Effect
Filter Sweep
Balancing Kick & Bass
Creating a Hole for Vocals
Balancing Frequencies pt. 1
Balancing Frequencies pt. 2
Balancing Frequencies pt. 3


Reverb Basics
How Many Reverbs? pt. 1
How Many Reverbs? pt. 2
Drum Reverb
Instrument Reverb
Vocals Reverb pt. 1
Vocals Reverb pt. 2
Reverse Reverb
Reverb Automation

Time-Based Effects

Time-Based Effects Basics
Delay Technique pt. 1
Delay Technique pt. 2
Delay Technique pt. 3
Chorus Techniques
Flanger Techniques
Phaser Techniques

Finishing Up/Mixdown

Finishing the Mix pt. 1
Finishing the Mix pt. 2
Finishing the Mix pt. 3
Mixing to an Internal Buss

Mixing Example 2 - Mapped to Work Files

Leveling/Panning & Dynamics 1
Dynamics 2 & 3
Equalization 1/2/3
Equalization 4/5/6
Reverb 1 & 2 & Delay
Finishing 1/2/3
Finishing 4 & 5
Finishing 6 & 7

Mastering & Delivery

Mastering pt. 1
Mastering pt. 2
Burning a CD
Converting to MP3


Wrap Up


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