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Appleworks 6 Tutorial

Appleworks 6 is the software application that's really multiple programs in one. It integrates six components- word processing, spreadsheet, database, drawing, painting, and presentation- into one software package. Appleworks 6 is geared toward the education market, making it a perfect tool for students and teachers, alike. With the help of author, Matt Neutra, users learn how to apply Appleworks to publish a newsletter, do homework, assemble a resume, organize a garage sale, or any multitude of activities. Virtual Training Company allows you to start learning right away by simply clicking on one of the topics below.


About This Training CD
What is Apple Works 6?
AW6 and Who Should Use It?
Using the Online Help
Balloon Help
Web Resources

Getting Started

System Requirements
Installing Apple Works 6
Opening the Application
Six Document/Program types
Starting Points Window Assistants and Templates
Setting Preferences
Using Assistants In Open Documents
Using Templates
Choosing the Document Type To Suit Your Needs
Creating a New Document
Saving a Document
Closing a Document
Organizing Your Work


Interface & Common Features
Six Document Types
Menu Bar
Button Bar
Document Window & Title bar
Contextual Menus
Zoom Controls
Floating Windows - Starting Points
Floating Windows - Tools
Floating Windows - Accents
Floating Windows - Clippings
Floating Windows - Styles

Word Processing

Word Processing Overview
Creating a Word Processing Document
Overview of the Word Processing Interface
Word Processing Menus
Word Processing Buttons
Word Processing Text Ruler Controls
Document Window
Word Processing Hot Keys and Shortcuts
Formatting Text
Inserting and Changing Graphics
Text Wrap
Inserting and Using Frames
Understanding the Word Processing Button Bar
Document Links
Web Links
Saving Your Work as a Document
Saving Your Work as a Template
Other Save as Formats
Opening the Documents
Working With Multiple Documents
Word Processing - Example


Spread Sheet Overview
Creating a Spread Sheet document
Overview of Spread Sheet Interface
Spread Sheet Menus
Spread Sheet Buttons
Spread Sheet Entry Bar
Document Window
Setting Up a Spread Sheet
Moving Around in a Spread Sheet
Spreadsheet Hot Keys and Shortcuts
Entering Data
Sorting Data
Creating Charts and Graphs
Changing Pictograms
Adding Formulas & Calculations
Formating Cells
Example Spreadsheet


Overview of Database
Creating a Database Document
Overview of Database Interface
Entering Data
Creating New Records and Deleting Records
Database Menus
Database Buttons
Database Status Panel
Document Window
Database Edit Menu
Database Layout menu
Organize Menu
Adding Deleting and Reformatting Fields
Creating and Using Layouts
Searching Records
Sorting Records
Creating Reports
Importing Tab Delimited Files
Database Example


Overview of Drawing and Vectors
Creating a Drawing Document
Overview of Drawing Interface
Placing Editing and Deleting Drawing Elements
Selecting and Deselecting Elements
Drawing Menus
Drawing Buttons
Document Window
Arrange Menu
Drawing Hot Keys and Shortcuts
Group & Ungroup
Master Pages
Example Drawing


Overview of Painting and Raster
Creating a Painting Document
Overview of Painting Interface
Creating and Destroying Pixels
Creating New and Deleting Elements
Selecting and Deselecting Elements
Painting Menus
Painting Buttons
Transform Menu
Painting Hot Keys and Shortcuts
Paint Options Menu
Painting Tools
Painting Example


Overview of Presentation
Creating a Presentation Document
Overview of Presentation Interface
Presentation Controls
Adding and Deleting Slides
Editing Slide Content
Using Master Slides
Presentation Buttons
Special Print Options for Slides
Presentation Hot Keys and Shortcuts
Arranging Slides
Making Slide Notes
Running and Stopping Slide Shows
Slide Visibility (Show and Hide)
Setting Slide Show Options
Slide Show Example


Using the Writing Tools
Using Find and Change
Using Frames
The Window Menu
Context Sensitive Menus & Pop Up Menus


Page Setup
Print Preview
Printing Labels

Advanced Topics

Mail Merge
Recording Macros
Viewing Documents in Multiple Windows
Inserting Equations
Apple Scripts
Linking Frames
Creating Web Pages
Movies and Sounds
Modifying the Button Bar
Creating and Saving Custom Palettes

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