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Apple iWork 08 Tutorial

Apple iWork '08 includes all the necessary tools for creating impressive documents, detailed spreadsheets, and stunning slideshow presentations. Included in the suite is Pages '08, which allows users to create stationery, newsletters, resumes, brochures, reports, and more; Numbers '08, Apple's new powerful spreadsheet program, that can do everything from creating a simple family budget, vacation itinerary, invoices, to detailed financial reports; finally Keynote '08 for creating impressive cinema-quality slideshow presentations. In this VTC course Author Brian Culp teaches the fundamentals of the iWork '08 applications along with advanced tips that will help beginners and experienced users alike, translate their ideas to the screen, paper, or Web. To learn how to use iWork '08 to its fullest potential click on one of the links below.

* Captions not available on CD version.

Intro to Keynote

Welcome and Overview
Create a Presentation
Add a Slide
Add Text to a Slide
Organize Slides

Intro to Pages

Create a New Document
Add Text
Format Text
Using a Style
Create a List

Intro to Numbers

Create a New Spreadsheet
Using Tables
Using Charts
Using Sheets
Saving a Workbook

Create Dynamic Documents

Add Objects
Adding Shapes
Wrapping Text
Create a Text Box
Link Text Boxes
Adding Pages
Cropping Images
Save and Share a Document
Check Spelling and Grammar
Find and Replace Text

Create Dynamic Presentations

Format Text
Use Notes
Add a Picture
Add Sound and Movies
Add a Narration
Add a Shape
Add Motion Transitions
Movement within a Slide
Animating Slides with Builds
Images with a Smart Build

Create Dynamic Spreadsheets

Add a new Table
Format a Table
Work with Columns and Rows
Format Data
Format Cells
Conditional Formatting
Add a Formula
Edit a Formula
Add a Function
Use Cell Controls

Even More Pages

Set Page Orientation and Size
Set Document Margins
Insert a Header and Footer
Use Endnotes and Footnotes
Use a Page and Line Break
Create a Section
Define a Section Attribute
Use a Layout
Create a Table of Contents
Setting Indents

Even More Keynote

Save and Export a Slideshow
Rehearse a Presentation
Use Master Slide Tools
Design a Master Slide
Define Image Defaults
Create a Custom Layout
Use the Alignment Guides
Add a Chart
Use a Numbers Chart

Even More Numbers

Add a Chart
Format Chart Text
Add Shapes to Charts
Print a Spreadsheet
Edit Sheet Pagination
Export a Spreadsheet
Add a Header and Footer
Page Margins
Sort Columns and Rows
Resize Columns and Rows

Cool Pages Tips

Research Information
Tracking Changes
Control Hyphenation
Watermarks and Master Objects
Removing Areas from Images
Mask with a Shape
Keep Paragraphs Together
Set Tab Stops
Automatic Bullet Lists
Save a Bullet Style

Cool Keynote Tips

Get Creative with the White Template
Use Chart Placeholders
Assign a Transition to a Slide
Export to YouTube
Filling Objects with Color
Filling Objects with Pictures
Add a Picture Frame
Add a Cinema Animation
Use a Hyperlink

Cool Numbers Tips

Use a Media Placeholder
Sound and Movies
Save a Template
Redefine a Style
Manage Table Styles
Edit info in Spotlight
Add Alternating Colors
Use AutoFill
Use Address Book Data
Draw a Freehand Shape




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