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Apple iWork 05 Tutorial

Apple iWork '05 allows users to bring ideas to life with Keynote 2 and the powerful word processor, Pages. Keynote set the standard for creating media presentations and now Keynote 2 lets users build gorgeous photography portfolios, animated storyboards and self-running, interactive slideshows. With its built-in iLife Media Browser, Apple iWork '05 is the perfect complement to iLife. author, Brian Culp teaches users how to maximize the potential of Apple iWork '05, covering the basics of both Keynote 2 and Pages before demonstrating advanced techniques and tricks anyone can master. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Apple iWork '05 lessons.

iWork 05 Guided Tour

Intro and Overview
Pages Window
Keynote Window
Styles Drawer
Slide Organizer
Pages Shortcuts
Keynote Shortcuts
iWork Tools

Pages Basics

Select a Document Type
Add Pages
Add Text
Add Graphics
Media Browser
Save and Backup

Keynote Basics

Select a Theme
Create a Slide
Organize Slides
Save the Slideshow
Play the Slideshow

Word Processing With Pages

Format Text
The Font Panel
Special Formatting
Advanced Typography
Set Text Alignment
Set Tab Stops
Paragraph Indents
Create a Bulleted List
Create an Outline
Create a Callout or Sidebar
Link Text Boxes
Add Text Shapes
Formatting the Document
Create Left and Right-facing Pages
Add Headers and Footers
Add Footnotes

Presentations with Keynote 2

Edit Slide Text
Format Slide Text
Adding Images
Resize and Layer Objects
Modifying Layouts
Change the Background
Include Sound
Include Video
Undo Style Changes
Insert Hyperlinks
Automatic URLs
Slide Transitions
Slide Animations
Slide Builds
Play a Slideshow
Export a Slideshow

Advanced Pages

Copy and Paste
Find and Replace
Check Spelling
Add Columns
Add a Section Break
Create a Table of Contents
Inline and Fixed Objects
Cropping an Image
Wrap Text Around an Object
Adjusting Opacity
Add a Table
Edit Tables
Merge Cells
Add and Edit a Chart
Print the Document

Advanced Keynote 2

Presentation Options
The Presenter Display
The Slide Switcher
Use Master Slides
Use Master Alignments
Use Master Bullets
Use Master Transitions
Revert Master Slides
Create a Theme
Insert Graphics
Insert Tables
Insert Charts
Printing Slides

Ten Cool Tips and Tricks

Design Your Own Template
Customize the Toolbar
Export to Another Format
The Alignment Guide
Add a Watermark
Add a Bookmark
Add a Hyperlink
Explode a Pie Chart
PDF as Graphic
Change Default Shapes

Wrap Up

Final Notes
About this Author

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