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Apple iMovie 3 Tutorial

Apple iMovie 3 is the revolutionary digital video application that allows Macintosh users to create dazzling custom movies. Virtual Training Company author David Daigrepont shows users the tools of iMovie 3 and its seemless integration with other iLife applications. Import and export digital media content from application to application, import images from iPhoto and audio from iTunes, and create scene selection menus within iDVD by creating markers within iMovie 3. Spice up your video with new visual effects such as Lens Flare, Aged Film, Letterbox, and Electricity. Bring your stills to life using the new Ken Burns pan and zoom effects. Powerful new audio controls bring users more flexible volume control on three audio tracks. iMovie 3 ships with Skywalker Sound Effects, so you can score your own brilliant creations. It's all in Apple iMovie 3 and David Daigrepont will show you how it's done. To begin learning today, click on a movie topic below.


A Technical Note
A Look Ahead - What to Expect
What's New in iMovie 3?
The Best Way to Learn

Film School Basics

Chapter Overview
System Requirements for iMovie 3
What Kind of Video Camera
Analog Video Converters
Filming Techniques - Telling a Story
Three Types of Shots
Panning and Zooming
Keeping it Steady
Camera Placement - Creating an Atmosphere
Framing a Shot

Setting up the System

Chapter Overview
Confirming the Latest Versions of Everything
Partitioning Hard Disks
Defrag a Hard Disk
Interface Overview
Movie Making Cycle

"....and Action!"

Chapter Overview
Your First Project
After Filming
Connecting your Camcorder to your Mac
Create an iMovie Alias
Create a New Project/Open Existing Projects
Setting Preferences
Scene Break Detection
Previewing your Video Tape from iMovie 3
Importing Video from the Camcorder
Importing Various Types of Files
Import Clips from another iMovie Project
Using the Help Menu
Back to your Video Project

The Editing Room - Working with Clips

Chapter Overview
About Video Clips - The Heart of your Project
The Timeline
The Scrubber Bar and the Playhead
Importance of Frames and Framerate
Selecting and Renaming Clips
Project Review I
Cropping Clips
Trimming Clips
Splitting Clips
Copying and Pasting Clips
Copying a Portion of a Clip
Changing the Speed and Direction of a Clip
Making Stills from Video
Changing the Duration of Still Clips
The iMovie Trash Can

Working with Transitions

Chapter Overview
Project Review 2
About Transitions
Selecting a Transition
Transition Settings and Preferences
Adding a Transition
About Rendering
Transition Troubleshooting
Changing and Deleting Transitions
Adding a Clip with Previous Transitions
Transition Tips
Project Review 3

Working with Effects

Chapter Overview
About Special Effects
The Effects Pane
Selecting Effects
Automatic Keyframing
Applying the Effect
Black and White to Color
Distorting your Image
Altering Picture and Color
Mixing Effects
Mixing Effects - Old Film
Mixing Effects - Dreaming pt. 1
Mixing Effects - Dreaming pt. 2

Working with Audio

Chapter Overview
How Important is Audio in a Movie?
Touring the Audio Panel and Timeline
Selecting and Previewing Sound Effects
Applying Sound Effects
Audio Editing pt. 1
Audio Editing pt. 2
Splitting and Adjusting Audio
Extracting Audio from Video Clips
Locking Audio in Place
Adding Songs from a CD
Integration with iTunes 4
Recording a Voice Over
Audio in a Paste Over
Expanding the Sound Effects Library

Working with Titles

Chapter Overview
About Titles
The Title Pane
Speed and Pause
Fonts and QT Margins
Choosing Colors
Presenting Titles
Applying the Title
Tricky Placement
Additional Lines and Text
Making Changes to Titles
Photoshop Titles
Enhancing Titles

Integration with iDVD 3

Chapter Overview
Why this Combo Works
The iDVD Pane
Working with Chapter Markers
Exporting to iDVD

Exporting and Compressing your Movie

Chapter Overview
Export to Tape
Compressing to Various Formats pt. 1
Compressing to Various Formats pt. 2
iMovie to DVD Studio Pro
iMovie to Final Cut Pro


Chapter Overview
About Plug-ins
Working with Plug-ins
Final Word About Plug-ins

VIDEO PROJECT "The Family Photo Montage"

Chapter Overview
About the Family Photo Montage
Proper Organization
Photos to iMovie
Integration with iPhoto 2
The Ken Burns Effect
Putting it Together pt. 1
Putting it Together pt. 2

VIDEO PROJECT "The Perfect Highlight Recap"

Chapter Overview
About Highlight Re Caps
Preparing the Clips
The Finishing Touch

Keeping it Going

The Importance of New Projects
Project Ideas
The Next Level


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