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Apple iLife 05 Tutorial

When it’s time to create something spectacular and have some real fun on the Mac, it’s time for iLife ’05. author, Dwayne Ferguson, shows users how to maximize the potential of this powerful creative suite. Ferguson demonstrates the usefulness of GarageBand, iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD and iTunes---five superb tightly integrated tools. Import, organize, and enhance photos with iPhoto. Edit video footage using iMovie HD. Add songs to your photo album or video with iTunes, or create your own music using GarageBand. Share your finished slideshows, movie projects and musical compositions on DVD with iDVD. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the iLife ’05 lessons.


What is iLife?
Macintosh and PC Conventions
System Requirements
Connectivity Options


The Interface
Importing Music from CDs
The iTines Music Store
Custom Playlists
Editing Song Info
Audio Books
Party Shuffle
Smart Playlists
Onine Radio Stations
Sharing Music
Rating Songs
Burning Audio Cds
Burning Archive DVDs
Cancelling a Burn


The Interface
Approved Cameras
Importing from a Camera
Importing from other Sources
The Library
Creating an Album
The Trash
Editing Images Pt 1
Editing Images Pt 2
External Editors
Desktop Wallpaper
Keywords and Information
Exporting to Homepage
Emailing Photos
Working with Video
Ken Burns Effect
Hierarcial Folders
Making Books Pt. 1
Making Books Pt. 2
Making Books Pt. 3
Printing Pt. 1
Printing Pt. 2
Ordering Prints

iMovie HD

The Interface
Compatible Cameras
Importing Digital Video
Importing QuickTime movies
The Timeline
Editing footage
The Trash
Adding Audio
Adding Sound Effects
Extracting Audio
Ken Burns Effect
Adding Special Effects
End Credits
Magic iMovie
Chapter Markers and iDVD
Export to iDVD


The Interface
Map View
Drop Zones
Working with Themes
Customizing Themes
Previewing DVD
The Apple Logo
Encoder Status
OneStep DVD


The Interface
Understanding Loops
Sampling Loops
Controlling Loop Volume
Sound Level Clipping
Composing a Song Pt 1
Composing a Song Pt 2
Customizing Loops
Software Instruments
Real Instruments
Connecting a Keyboard
Connecting a Microphone
Master Track

iLife Project: Hungry Bunnies

Importing the Footage
Composing music Pt 1
Composing music Pt 1
Final Song
Exporting to iTunes
Sound Effects
Visual Effects
Exporting to iDVD
Custom Theme
Finished Film


Jam Packs
Equipment Resources

Review and Wrap Up

Review and Wrap Up


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