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Apple Soundtrack Pro 2 Tutorial

Soundtrack Pro 2 may be one of the best kept secrets in the world of audio workstations. With power rivaling even the most advanced audio editors, it also takes a solid stab at audio post. Its tools are wide ranging and first rate, partly because many have been taken from the renowned Logic Pro suite. This tutorial takes you through Soundtrack Pro 2, clearly explaining each function while revealing the practical uses of the software within the real world. Sam McGuire describes Soundtrack Pro's strengths, weaknesses, and general quirks to help you navigate and get the most out of this powerful application. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Soundtrack Pro 2

What is Soundtrack Pro 2?
Compatibility Information
Software Packages

Pane System

The Layout of Soundtrack Pro 2
Left Pane
Right & Bottom Panes

Setting Up Soundtrack Pro 2

General Preferences
Project Settings
Recording & Synchronization
Control Surfaces & Video Out

Apple Loops

Getting Sound Right Away
Music Loops
SFX Loops
Creating a Score Using Loops pt. 1
Creating a Score Using Loops pt. 2
Creating a Score Using Loops pt. 3
Sound Design Using Loops
Creating Your Own Loops


What are Tracks?
Editing Audio Clips on Tracks
Using Automation pt. 1
Using Automation pt. 2

The Mixer

What is the Mixer?
Effectively Using the Mixer
Why the Mixer is Not Always a Good Choice


Selection Tool & Time Slice Tool
Blade Tools & Scrub Tool
Lift Tool & Stamp Tool

File Editor

Basic Tools
Display Frequency Spectrum
Audio Streching Tool
Sample Edit Tool
Edit Menu Functions

Multitake Editor

What is a Multitake Clip?
Creating a Multitake Clip while Recording
Editing with Multitake Clips in Music & Post


What is the Conform Function?
Preparing Files in Final Cut Pro
When You Should & Shouldn't Use It

Browser & Favorites

Using the Browser to Access Files
Other System Tools that Compliment the Browser
Setting & Using Favorites


General Usage
Clicks & Pops
Power Line Hum
DC Offset & Phase
Clipped Signal


Reasons Why the Action List is Great
Using the Actions List Effectively
The Action List in Action


Using Effects as Inserts
Using Effects through the Processor Menu
Time Effects


What You Need to Record
Pushing Record for the First Time
Proper Monitoring


What are HUDs?
The Sound Palette
Multipoint Video

Process Menu

Fade in through Reverse
Inserts & Time Stretching
Noise Reduction through EQ Matching
All the Rest

Surround Sound

Setting Up Surround Submixes
The Surround Panner
Automating in Surround
Automatic Down Mixes


Setting Up Markers
Efficiency with Markers pt. 1
Efficiency with Markers pt. 2

Project Examples

Project pt. 1
Project pt. 2
Project pt. 3
Project pt. 4

Final Formats

Exporting Your Project
Using Soundtrack Pro 2 with Compressor
Archiving Your Project

Wrap Up

About the Author

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