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Apple Soundtrack Pro Tutorial

Soundtrack Pro is an easy-to-use but extremely powerful audio application for Macintosh/MacIntel. Borrowing heavily from its big brother, Logic, Soundtrack Pro simplifies the process of editing and improving existing audio files, or creating new ones. author, Mark Bremmer, begins the tutorial by demonstrating the basics of the Soundtrack Pro interface before presenting ways that both the novice and professional can take advantage of the application's extensive toolset. Learn to create, edit, and export a project using the application's Action-based waveform editor, multitrack tools, filters, and much much more. Mark later demonstrates how Soundtrack Pro integrates with Final Cut Pro and Motion, allowing for the user to easily create and prepare audio for a media project. To begin learning Soundtrack Pro today, simply click on one of the movie links.




Getting Around the Interface
Utility Window_Video
Media Effects Browser pt. 1
Media Effects Broswer pt. 2
Multitrack pt. 1
Multitrack pt. 2
Multitrack pt. 3
WaveForm Audio Project
Interface Finish

Multitrack Tools

Multitrack Tools
Multitrack Timing
Multitrack Beat
Multitrack Envelopes
Multitrack Preferences

Sweetening Video

Video Selection
Audio File Auditions
Marking Video
Adding FX
Cross Fading
Adjusting Volume pt. 1
Adjusting Volume pt. 2
Adding Ambience
Additional Special FX
Splitting Audio Tracks
Adding Music pt. 1
Adding Music pt. 2
Doubling Audio pt. 1
Doubling Audio pt. 2
Finish Plus Percussion

Waveform Editor

Interface pt. 1
Interface pt. 2
Waveform Processes
Fading In & Out
Stretching Audio
Pasting Mixes
Interface with Project

Audio Repair

Repair Noise pt. 1
Repair Noise pt. 2
Repair Noise pt. 3
Repair Pop
Zero Editing pt. 1
Zero Editing pt. 2
Removing Music pt. 1
Removing Music pt. 2
Removing Music pt. 3

Create Music

Establish Rythym
Building Percussion
Adding Bass Rythym
Creating Melody
Core Music pt. 1
Core Music pt. 2
Core Music pt. 3
Final Touches

Mixing & Filters

The Concept Of Mixing
Touch Animation
Creating a Bus & Send pt. 1
Creating a Bus & Send pt. 2
Creating a Bus & Send pt. 3
Creating a Bus & Send pt. 4


Single Take Recording
Multitake Recording pt. 1
Multitake Recording pt. 2
Editing Multitakes

Using Filters

Intro to Filters
Different Ways to Apply
General - Distortion Function
General - Dynamics Function
General - EQ Function
General - Modulation Function
General - Reverb Function
General - Miscellaneous
Dynamics - Limiter
Dynamics - Limiter & Compressor
Dynamics - Multipressor
Dynamics - Expander
Distortion - Clip Distortion
Distortion - Exciter
Distortion - Distort II
EQ - Channel
EQ - Match
EQ - Auto
Modulation - Flanger
Modulation - Phaser
Reverb - Space vs. Platinum
Misc - Spectral Gate

Advanced Techniques

Score Marker from FCP
Clip Replacement
Custom Icons
Timeslices & Duplication
Apple Loop Utility Tempo
Loop Utility with Garage Band

Final File Prep

Final Prep Multi-Outputs

Integration with ApplePro Studio

Round Trip FCT & Motion




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