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Apple QuickTime VR Authoring Studio Tutorial

Apple's QuickTime VR Authoring Studio is like 5 programs rolled into one - Object Maker, Panorama Maker, Panorama Stitcher, Project Manager and Scene Maker. Join Matt Neutra in this Virtual Training Company tutorial as he guides you through all five of these and more. He takes you step-by-step, teaching you how to use QuickTime VR Authoring Studio to create panoramic movies, object movies, and scenes. To get started now, simply click one of the topics below.


About The author
About this CD
Getting Started
Installing the Software
System Requirements for QTVRAS
System Requirements for QTVR Player
Overview of QTVRAS 5 Components

Interface Overview

Pan Maker
Pan Stitcher
Object Maker
Scene Maker
Project Manager
Setting Preferences
Chapter 2 Summary

Panorama Maker

Bryce Example
Wyoming Example (Partial)
Wyoming Example (Full)
Chapter 3 Summary

Panorama Stitcher

Introduction to Stitcher
Create New Stitch Document
Explain Stitcher Window in Detail
Choose a Lens
Add Images
The Image Wrapped Check Box
Image Alignment Button
Pair Alignment
Rotate Tool
Sort Tool & Drag & Drop Ordering
Benefits of Intermediate Files
Open the Stitch Settings Window
Image Tab
Compression Tab
Playback Tab
Imaging Tab
File Tab
Stitch Pano Button
Kaidan Example
Freehand Example

Adding a Lens

Add Lens Interface overview
Make a new lens
Estimate Lens
Chapter 5 Summary

Pair Alignment Feature

Explaining the Triangle Icons (Filled & Unfilled)
Overview of Pair Alignment Window
Numerical Adjustment
Mouse & Numerical Adjustment
Using Manual Adjustment to Help Automated Adjustment
Finish & Click Close
Getting Picture Info
Chapter 6 Summary

QTVR Objects (Creating Simple Objects)

Intro & Open New Object Document
Define Object
Add Images
Overview of Object Interface
Object Settings
Make Object
Direct Image Capture from Kaidans Web site

Objects With View States

Intro to View States
Create New Object
Define Object
Add Images
Append State from Object Menu Set & View State #2
Add Images
Make Object

Animating View Frames

Intro to View Animation
Adding Frames to a View & Double Clicking on a View
Reordering View Frames
Set Preferences to Animate Views in Final Movie
Make Object
Chapter 9 Summary

Creating Absolute Objects

Intro to Absolute Objects Show Example
Create New Object
Define Object
Add Files
Change Settings for Absolute Objects
Create Objects
Chapter 10 Summary

Making QTVR Scenes

Create New Scene
Overview of the Interface
Add New Map
Specify Output Files
Scene Settings
Create & Place Scene Nodes; Set Start Node
Set Links & Link Comments
Add Images & Build Nodes; Add a URL Link
Add Image Shortcuts; Mouse Shortcuts & Delayed Node Building
Make Scene
Chapter 11 Summary

Manage QTVR Projects

Interface explained
Build Project

Creating Source Material

Setting Up the Kaidan Panorama
Determining the Number of Images
Home Made Rig

QTVRAS Summary

Training CD Summary
Show Web Resources on CD

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