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Apple Motion 4 Tutorial

Apple Motion version 4 presents breakthrough 3D compositing and advanced animation capabilities. Learn how to produce stunning visuals with these remarkable tools found in Apple’s flagship animation program. Author Scott Simmons will take you through the program’s most powerful features with an emphasis on professional application of techniques showcased in these lessons. You will learn how to automate animation with the powerful Link behavior; create dynamic 3D camera moves with reflections, shadows, and depth-of-field effects; advanced retiming tricks; advanced motion tracking; particle and paint effects; and the all-new text tools. These tutorials are easy to understand and are taught in a logical fashion. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Motion Principles
Interface: Windows
Utility Window
Inspector & HUD
Project Pane: Layers
Project Pane: Media & Audio
Timing Pane
Playback & Timelines
Toolbar pt. 1
Toolbar pt. 2
Preferences pt. 1
Preferences pt. 2
Project Properties pt. 1
Project Properties pt. 2
Intro to Behaviors pt. 1
Intro to Behaviors pt. 2

Working with Layers

How Layers Work pt. 1
How Layers Work pt. 2
Photoshop Layered Files pt. 1
Photoshop Layered Files pt. 2
Vector Art pt. 1
Vector Art pt. 2
Blend Modes & Transparency


Text Tool pt. 1
Text Tool pt. 2
Text Tool pt. 3
Adjust Glyph Tool & Rotation
Sequence Text Behavior
Text Generators pt. 1
Text Generators pt. 2
Scroll Text Behavior

Behaviors In-Depth

Motion Path & Alignment
Parameter pt. 1
Parameter pt. 2
Parameter pt. 3
Midi & Shape Behaviors
Link Parameter pt. 1
Link Parameter pt. 2

Keyframe Animation

Auto Keyframes
Keyframe Editor pt. 1
Keyframe Editor pt. 2
Keyframe Editor pt. 3
Combine Behaviors & Keyframes
Copying Keyframes

3D Scenes

3D Basics pt. 1
3D Basics pt. 2
3D Camera & Space Navigator
Frame/Fit/Focus/Flatten/Layer Order
3D Camera Behaviors pt. 1
3D Camera Behaviors pt. 2
Viewpoint vs. Framing pt. 1
Viewpoint vs. Framing pt. 2
Depth of Field


Applying Filters
Combining Filters
Filters & Rasterization

Particles & Replicators

Particles pt. 1
Particles pt. 2
Particles pt. 3
Replicators pt. 1
Replicators pt. 2


Strokes & Behaviors
Stroke & Advanced Parameters
3D Paint

Motion Tracking

Introduction to Tracking
Match Move
Analyze Motion
Stabilization pt. 1
Stabilization pt. 2
Improving a Track pt. 1
Improving a Track pt. 2
Track Points Behavior

Retiming Footage

Basic Retiming
Keyframing Time
Frame Blending & Optical Flow
Retiming Behaviors pt. 1
Retiming Behaviors pt. 2

Third Party Add-Ons

ProAnimatorFX pt. 1
ProAnimatorFX pt. 2
Noise Industries pt. 1
Noise Industries pt. 2
Noise Industries pt. 3

Optimizing Motion

Graphics Card
Playback Tips
Customize Shortcuts

Rendering/Exporting Animation

Sharing & Final Cut


Workflow Suggestions
About the Author

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