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Apple Motion 3 Tutorial

Apple Motion 3 takes the complexity out of 3D by extending the 2D tools you already use. author, Brian Culp, will walk novice Motion 3 users through an intuitive approach to motion graphics creation and manipulation. After completing the course, users will have an understanding of how easy it is to create and change complex motion graphics designs through simple, drag-and-drop operations, or by sliding a fader back and forth. To begin learning Motion 3 today, simply click on the movie links.

Motion 3 Basics

What You Can Do With Motion
The Motion Workspace
Using the Media Tab
Change Duration of a Project
Objects & Layers

Getting Starting with Effects

Using a Filter
Create a Behavior
Use a Particle Simulator
Change Particle Behavior
Use Three Dimensions

Configure Motion Preferences

General Preferences
Use Project Guides
Speed up the Preview
Toolbar & Layout Preferences
Change Project Properties
Reconnecting Media

New Project Overview

Build a Motion Layer
Add & Manipulate Layers
Add Text & Background Layers
Organize with a Group
Filter a Specific Layer
Clone & Duplicate a Layer
Nesting a Group
Blending Objects
Create a RAM Preview
Freezing Layers
Manage 3D Effects

Crafting Motion with Motion

Movement in a 3D Space
Set an Anchor Point
World & Local Axis
Use a Camera & Compass
Use 3D Views
Add 3D Objects
Add Lighting
Animate the Camera

Working with Text

Add Text to a Project
Text Parameters
Save a Text Style
Apply Text Behavior
Advanced Text Behavior
Advanced Text Animation
Combine & Reuse Animation
Animate Text on a Path
Animate with Keyframes
Fine-Tune Animation
Animate Text in 3D

Motion & Final Cut Studio

Send Final Cut Clip to Motion
Retiming Behaviors
Change Retiming Behaviors
Optical Flow
Round Trip to Final Cut
Export a FCP Sequence pt. 1
Export a FCP Sequence pt. 2
Edit with Motion
Fine Tune Edits
Send Motion Audio to Soundtrack

Automating Workflow

Use a Motion Template
Add Media to a Template
Use Template Drop Zones
Create a Drop Zone pt. 1
Create a Drop Zone pt. 2
Save a Template
Use the Replicator
Modify Replicator Behavior pt. 1
Modify Replicator Behavior pt. 2
Animate the Replicator
Custom Replicator pt. 1
Custom Replicator pt. 2
Replicating in 3D pt. 1
Replicating in 3D pt. 2
Finishing Touches

Using Keyframes & Parameters

Get Started with Keyframes
Configure Keyframe Behavior
Keyframe Recording
Control Keyframe Placement
Using the Keyframe Editor
Keyframe Interpolation
Additional Keyframe Options
Animating a Filter
Change Behavior Parameters
Animate Parameters

Combine Skills to Create a DVD Menu

Set up the Background
Add a Generator pt. 1
Add a Generator pt. 2
Adjust a Generator
Render a Background Layer
Preset Particle Emitters
Tweaking a Particle Emitter
Custom Particle Emitter
Change Custom Parameters
Emit in Three Dimensions
Add Text Elements

Wrap Up

Wrap Up


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