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Apple Motion 2 Tutorial

Enter new areas of performance and creativity with the real time motion graphics and compositing powerhouse, Apple Motion 2. author, Scott Simmons, shows users how to take advantage of the Motion 2 toolset. Motion's behavioral animation tools and presets afford unprecedented freedom to produce natural and complex animations with little time or effort. You'll be designing motion graphics quickly as you adopt your own techniques to build stunning animations. A DVD containing work files and footage, courtesy of Artbeats and Master Communication, is also included. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Apple Motion 2 lessons below.

* Due to their large file size, work files are not available for download. Per request, a DVD containing these work files is available for active Online University members.


Why is Motion So Cool?
Recommended Gear
Demonstration Wrap-Up

Finding Your Way Around

Launching Motion for the First Time
File Browser
Importing Your First Object
Media Tab
Basic Tools pt. 1
Basic Tools pt. 2
Inspector pt. 1
Inspector pt. 2
Inspector pt. 3
Layers pt. 1
Layers pt. 2
Layers pt. 3
Problem with Changing Opacity
Solution for Changing Opacity


Preferences: General
Preferences: Appearance/Project
Preferences: Canvas/Output
Preferences: Presets/Gestures
Project Properties pt. 1
Project Properties pt. 2
Toolbar and Layout Preferences

Adding Objects

Vector Art and Image Sequences
Using Photoshop Files
Photoshop and Workflow
Templates pt. 1
Templates pt. 2
Generators pt. 1
Generators pt. 2
Particles-the Emitter pt. 1
Particles-the Emitter pt. 2
Particles-Intro to Cell Controls
Particles-Cell Controls pt. 1
Particles-Cell Controls pt. 2
Particles-Cell Controls pt. 3
Particles-Cell Controls pt. 4
Particles-Animated Cells
Particles-Multiple Particle Cells
Particles-Particles and Behaviors
Text Tool pt. 1
Text Tool pt. 2
Text Tool pt. 3
Text Tool pt. 4
LiveFonts pt. 1
LiveFonts pt. 2
LiveFonts pt. 3
Motion 2 Image Units
Motion 2 Replicator pt. 1
Motion 2 Replicator pt. 2

Playback and Editing

Playback Controls
RAM Preview
Intro to the Timeline
Timeline pt. 1
Timeline pt. 2
Timeline pt. 3
Timeline pt. 4
Basic Editing: Trim Tool
Basic Editing: Slip and Ripple
Basic Editing: Intro to Markers
Basic Editing: First Edit

Video Issues

PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio)
Square vs. Non-Square pt. 1
Square vs. Non-Square pt. 2
Photoshop and Non-Square
Fields Explained
Field Dominance
Incorrect Field Dominance
Deinterlace Filter
Frame Rates pt. 1
Frame Rates pt. 2
Drop-Frame Timecode
3:2 Pulldown Footage
Hi-Def and Summary


Audio Tab
Audio in the Timeline
Audio Editor
Audio Keyframes
Creating an Audio Dissolve

Animating with Behaviors

Introduction to Behaviors
Basic Behaviors pt. 1
Basic Behaviors pt. 2
Dashboard vs. Inspector
Simulation Behaviors pt. 1
Simulation Behaviors pt. 2
Simulation Behaviors pt. 3
Behaviors and Multiple Objects
Behaviors and Particles
Editing Behaviors pt. 1
Editing Behaviors pt. 2
Custom Behavior
Parameter Behaviors pt. 1
Parameter Behaviors pt. 2
Parameter Behaviors pt. 3
Combining Behaviors pt. 1
Combining Behaviors pt. 2
Using the Motion Path Behavior
Orbit Problem
Orbit Solution
Analyze Demo Project
Creating an Animatic pt. 1
Creating an Animatic pt. 2
Text Behaviors
Converting Behaviors to Keyframes
Motion 2 Replicator Sequencer
Motion 2 MIDI Behavior pt. 1
Motion 2 MIDI Behavior pt. 2

Animating by Hand-Keyframing

A Closer Look at the Timeline
Creating Keyframes pt. 1
Creating Keyframes pt. 2
Creating Keyframes pt. 3
Creating Keyframes pt. 4
Keyframe Sets
Interpolation Types
Keyframe Cycling
Keyframing Particles

Compositing Fundamentals

Layer vs. Object
Combine Blend Mode pt. 1
Combine Blend Mode pt. 2
Do Not Cut Off Effects
Motion Blur pt. 1
Motion Blur pt. 2
Masking with Blend Modes
Image Masks pt. 1
Image Masks pt. 2
Set Matte Filter pt. 1
Set Matte Filter pt. 2
Choosing a Masking Tool
Motion 2 Filters pt. 1
Motion 2 FIlters pt. 2

Advanced Compositing

Keying pt. 1
Keying pt. 2
Garbage Matte and Matte Choker
Distortion Effects pt. 1
Distortion Effects pt. 2
Distortion Effects pt. 3
Combining Effects pt. 1
Combining Effects pt. 2
Combining Effects pt. 3

3rd Party Plug-ins

BCC Drop Shadow and Particles
BCC Z-Space pt. 1
BCC Z-Space pt. 2
BCC Z-Space pt. 3
Ampede LayerLink
Automatic Duck Pro Import
dvGarage DV Matte Pro pt. 1
dvGarage DV Matte Pro pt. 2
dvGarage DV Matte Pro pt. 3
Two BCC Color Remap Filters


Exporting from Motion
Exporting from Compressor
When to Render an Image Sequence

Integrating Motion and Final Cut Pro

Exporting Motion Projects to FCP
Exporting FCP Projects to Motion
Workflow Suggestions


Creating Favorites
Getting Around 2K Dimension Limit pt. 1
Getting Around 2K Dimension Limit pt. 2
When to Pre-Render pt. 1
When to Pre-Render pt. 2
When to Pre-Render pt. 3
Time Scaling
Motion 2 Files in After Effects


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