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Apple Final Cut Studio 2: Digital Filmmaking Essentials Tutorial

Apple Final Cut Studio 2 has quickly become the television, video, and film industry’s standard for postproduction workflow. With special attention paid to uses of Soundtrack Pro and Motion, Brian builds on the topics and techniques discussed in the Final Cut Pro 6 coursel from VTC. After completing the course, users will have a fuller understanding of the post-production workflow used for editing and delivering broadcast-quality video projects. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Intro to Digital Filmmaking

Welcome & Overview
Get Something to Edit pt. 1
Get Something to Edit pt. 2
Selecting the Camera pt. 1
Selecting the Camera pt. 2
Selecting the Lights
Selecting the Sound
Direct the Shots pt. 1
Direct the Shots pt. 2

After the Wrap Party

Capture & Log Footage
Configure Easy Setup
Set Scratch Disks
Performing a Batch Capture
Tapeless Transfer

Tech Considerations

The Editing Suite pt. 1
The Editing Suite pt. 2
Editing in High Def
Editing in 24fps
Export for DVD
Reconnect Offline Files

Post Production Workflow

Intro to Workflow
Customize the Keyboard
Manage Favorites
Working with Fx Plug-ins
Export for Pro Tools
View Clip Properties
Copy a Project
Move a Sequence

Finish the Rough Cut

Review of Three Point Editing
Replace Edit
Fit to Fill Edit
Superimpose Edit
Superimposed Text
Storyboard Editing
Storyboard with Transition
Edit with Gang Sync
Edit with Open Sync
Using Multiple Cameras
Multicamera Editing pt. 1
Multicamera Editing pt. 2
Generate Slugs
Use Motion Templates

Locking Picture

Keyboard Trimming
J Cuts & L Cuts
Roll & Ripple Review
Slip & Slide Clips
Use the Trim Edit Window
Change Clip Speed pt. 1
Change Clip Speed pt. 2
Use Motion's Optical Flow
Use Nested Sequences
Use LiveType to Add Text
Add LiveType Text to FCP pt. 1
Add LiveType Text to FCP pt. 2

Sweeten Audio

Organize for Better Workflow: DMX
Muting & Soloing Tracks
Normalizing Audio
Reduce Noise in Soundtrack Pro pt. 1
Reduce Noise in Soundtrack Pro pt. 2
Removing Hums
Add Sound Efx pt. 1
Add Sound Efx pt. 2
Use Audio Keyframes
Apply Transitions to Sound
Use the Audio Mixer
Mix in Soundtrack
Adding Fades
Keyframes with Soundtrack Pro
Round Trip to FCP

Special Effects

Intro to Compositing Pictures
Cropping Images
Positioning Images
Split Screen Effect
Feathered Edge Effect
Applying Filters
Control Filter Order
Control Filter Application
Animating Filters
Create a Heavenly Effect
Create a Glow Effect
Mask a Filter

Remember: It's a Motion Picture

Round Tripping to Motion
Motion Explained
The Wondrous Z Axis
Three Dimensional Space
Custom Graphics with Motion
Evaluate Contrast
Control Contrast
Contrast Shortcuts
Change a Color Cast
Correct Color
Match Shots
Color Correct a Scene

Ten Really Valuable Tips/Tricks

Match a Timeline Frame
Quickly Locate Master Clips
Export Still Pictures
Reset Audio Levels Quickly
Use Filters as Transitions
Keyframing in the Canvas pt. 1
Keyframing in the Canvas pt. 2
Desaturate All But a Single Color
Flop a Shot
Disable Frame Blending
Conform Soundtrack Changes
Import iPhoto Pics
Post Production Steadicam


Wrap Up

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