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Apple Final Cut Pro 7 Tutorial

With 1.4 million users and half of the professional editing market, Final Cut Pro has gone from being an indie favorite to an industry powerhouse - capable of editing broadcast quality HD video or an academy award winning feature film. The latest version of Final Cut Studio boasts 100 new features and includes Final Cut Pro 7, a major update with additional codecs, new share/export options, enhanced speed tools and even better integration with other FCS applications. If you’re new to FInal Cut Pro, or if you’re intermediate user looking to take your skills to next level, this intensive VTC training course covers all aspects from setup to output, from basic three-point editing to fine tuning with the trimming tools. The course also devotes over 180 minutes to video filters and effects including motion paths, green screen compositing and color correction. You’ll work on 53 Final Cut Pro project files with over 2.5 gigabytes of source media, including original HD material shot for these lessons, and 35mm commercial footage from a major international brand. A DVD containing work files is also included. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Apple Final Cut Pro 7 movies below.

* Due to their large file size, work files are not available for download. Per request, a DVD containing these work files is available for active Online University members.


Welcome & Overview
Changing Preferences
Easy Setup & Scratch Disks

The Interface

Interface Overview
The Browser
The Viewer
Ins & Outs
Working with Sequences

Import Capture & Ingest

Log & Capture Setup
Log Markers & Multiple Tape Sources
Log & Transfer of Tapeless Footage


Master Clips & Match Frames
Insert & Overwrite Edits
Three Point Editing
First Assignment


Storyboard Editing
Selection Tools
Moving Clips
Shuffle Swaps & Gaps

Audio & Tracks

Audio in the Viewer
Linking & Unlinking
Working with Multiple Tracks
Split Edits
Track Selection
Auto Select & Other Track Controls
Keyframes in the Viewer
Keyframes in the Timeline
Subframe Audio Editing
The Audio Mixer
The Voice Over Tool
Audio Transitions
Audio Filters & Effects


Clip Markers
Sequence Markers
Alignment with Markers
Marker Visibility & Other Shortcuts
Exporting Markers

Trimming Tools

Trimming Basics
Slip & Slide
Ripple & Roll
The Trim Edit Window
Dynamic Trimming

Multiclip Editing

Setting up a Multiclip
Conforming a Clip for Inclusion
Editing a Multiclip on the Fly
Buttons & Collapsing Multiclips

Video Transitions

Rendering & How to Avoid It
Applying Transitions

Motion Effects

Motion Basics
Keyframing Motion
Rotation & Anchor Point
Paste Attributes & Motion Favorites
Motion Blur & Opacity
Opacity Overlay
Clip Keyframes Control
Motion in the Canvas
Motion Paths

Speed effects

Change Speed Dialog
Speed in the Motion Tab
Speed in the Timeline
Fit to Fill & Freeze Frames

Video Filters & Generators

Working with Filters
Generators & Text


Blend Modes & Alpha Channels
Mask Shape
Garbage Mattes

Color Correction

Color Corrector 3-way Intro
Color Corrector 3-way Applied
Other Color Fixes
Limit Effect & Sky Replacement

Integration & Output

Output Options
Soundtrack Pro & FCS Integration
Print to Video & Archiving
Customizing Final Cut Pro

Conclusion & Credits

Wrap Up / About the Author

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