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Apple Final Cut Pro 6 Tutorial

An industry standard, Final Cut Pro delivers powerful and precise editing tools that work with virtually any format, from DV and native HDV to fully uncompressed HD. With multicam editing tools, advanced color correction and intuitive audio mixing, Final Cut Pro gives you more creative options and technical control than ever before. Whether you are editing a home video, or the next independent film that will take the world by storm, Final Cut Pro is the program to use. Taught by a professional editor, this VTC tutorial will teach the fundamentals of capturing video and setting up projects to editing and adding special effects, transitions, motion, titles and more. Join veteran Final Cut Pro editor Brian Culp, as he simplifies working within Final Cut. He'll even provide tips along the way to help you become a better editor and producer. To begin learning Apple Final Cut Pro 6, simply click on one of the lessons.

The Final Cut Interface

Welcome and Overview
The FCP Interface
FCP Navigation
Import Files
Project Elements
Changing the View

Projects / Clips and Sequences

Save a Project
Organizing Bins
Playing a Clip
Navigating with JKL
Save a Custom Layout

Making Edits

Navigate a Sequence
Mark a Clip
Make an Edit
Edit with the Timeline
Manage the Timeline
Add an Audio Clip

Create a Rough Cut

Create Your Rough Cut
Deleting a Clip
Use Cut and Paste
Rearrange Rough Cut pt. 1
Rearrange Rough Cut pt. 2
Setting the Audio Levels
Add a Track
Add a Cutaway

Refining the Edit

Three Point Editing
Delete In to Out
Trim an Edit
Ripple Edit
Use the Blade Tool
Using the Roll Tool
Tweak Cutaways
Edit in the Viewer
Keep Clips in Sync

Time Saving Techniques

Make a Subclip
Use a Marker
Turn Markers into Subclips
Storyboard Editing
Replace a Shot
Using Superimpose
Using Fit to Fill

Capturing Footage

Capture Setup
Set up Scratch Disks
Set the Logging Bin
Set Logging Info
Capture a Clip
Using Capture Now
Auto Detect DV Stops
Batch Capture
Recapture Clips
Media Management pt. 1
Media Management pt. 2
Import a Picture

Work with Audio

Import Audio
Import from iTunes
Levels and Pan pt. 1
Levels and Pan pt. 2
Edit Levels
Record a Narration
Use the Audio
Fade In Fade Out
Adjust Multiple Tracks
Adjust Multiple Edits
Export to Soundtrack

Video Transitions

Applying a Transition
Adjust a Transition
Copy and Paste Transitions
Favorite Transitions
Fade to Black Transition
Clip Handles and Transitions

Using Filters

Applying a Filter
Modifying a Filter
Managing Filters
Pasting and Removing Filters
Adding Filters Over Time
Color Correction

Using Motion

Use Slow Motion
Fixed-Length SlowMo
Reverse and Remap
Zoom and Crop
Compositing Clips
Create a Freeze Frame

Creating Titles

Using Video Generators
Adding Text
Lower Thirds
Scrolling Text
Compositing Text

The Finished Product

Finish the Sequence pt. 1
Finish the Sequence pt. 2
Export to QuickTime
Export to an iPod
Export to Tape
Create a DVD with Compressor

Become a Better Editor

Cut on Motion
Overlap Dialogue
Bridge with Audio
The Cat in the Window
Play it Close to the Vest
Improve Story
Add Production Value I
Add Production Value II

Wrap Up / Credits

Final Thoughts
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